The Official "give nu a meter please aksys ty" Thread

I think the simple act of giving nu a meter would essentially balance her. Then she wouldn’t be able to do the same sword progressions over and over and over…

Nah she still has good anti-air and anti-rush tools(like if the opponent decides to run in on her when she doesn’t have meter). In fact, Inoue plays a pretty up-close V-13 and uses gravity wells and qcb+D’s a lot.

I think giving her meter is a good idea but I don’t know how this meter will work…how many swords until it’s depleted? Autoregenerating?

Inoue is good because he knows how to utilise those tiger knee’d crescent saber mix-ups which aren’t … easy. He still relies on on “D-spamming” a bit, though he’s alot more aggressive. Really like how he uses sickle chasers.

I still think that giving her a meter is stupid. She has a few good anti-pressure moves, but even then she’s really vulnerable to rush down. It’s hard for her to combat that without any swords.

Maybe only degenerate if it whiffs, but still, I don’t really think that it’s a good idea.

Her match-ups aren’t too bad. It’s only her match-up against hakumen and tager that needs work, and tager and hakumen still needs help with their match up against rachel and arakune, which are both equally retarded.

Dam right. :sad:

ArcSys and Aksys are so different yet so easily lumped together.

Heh, I agree.

Ah, nerfs.

Remember when people wanted Sagat nerfed ?

Good times.

Rofl, you can’t compare Nu and Sagat. Sagat is stronger than the rest of the cast but its by a hair, in SF4 where the worst matchup is 6-4 that doesn’t mean much. Nu is more like Old Sagat rofl, the difference between her and the rest of the cast is much more significant.

Nu needs a slight damage nerf, but that’s about all they can do without making her suck.

IMO it would help Tager a lot if he was projectile invulnerable in his FB animation. Losing his follow-up on a trade with sword summon is pretty retarded and basically keeps Nu from having to worry about his projectile much.

Pretty sure I’ve called you out for that before, but here we go again:

Don’t think I’ve said it before, but regardless I retract my previous statement. Most match ups are no worse than 6-4 and considering that tier list is from April, a lot of the console characters who have those 7-3 match ups probably fare off a lot better now. That chart isn’t even close to the latest tiers with the exception of Sagat being at the top lol. Gen, Sakura, and even Cammy had some pretty amazing performances at Evo and if I recall correctly, not a single Sagat made it into the top 8.

So Gief vs Sagat isn’t 7-3? They aren’t console characters. You really shouldn’t comment on things if you don’t know about them.

Same thing goes that I had in the tier list thread before it got locked - Don’t sit in here and compare SF4 to BB. It’s pointless.

The only reason people feel slighted by Nu is because of her small amount of health.

The fights seem VERY lopsided because of the fact her lifebar is so very HIGH usually at the end so it makes it feel like it wasn’t a close game. Never you mind the fact that she goes down like a paperweight if you get ahold of her with some decent pressure.

Again, with this tier nonsense.

Tl;dr translation: BB isn’t as unbalanced as you think. Habeeb it.

It doesn’t matter if she goes down faster than a hooker on a cash-wrapped dick, the point is it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to get in on a good Nu unless you’re some loli with an umbrella or a bee-shitting blob.

Don’t base BB off Lolbox Live.

If I buy premium, can I rep this guy? Every time I fight a Nu on xbocks, it goes like this: sword rape, I get in, she immediately barrier bursts, sword rape->death.

Against Arakune (as Tager) seems to be pretty similar. Again, I’d rather see more buffs than nerfs. No one wants to see characters become unusable.

I agree with this except for the Arakune part. EVEN ARAKUNE struggles with Nu, I’m not positive but I think that’s his worst match up. As soon as he curses Nu she can hit with a sword from across the screen. It really doesn’t matter how low Nu’s HP if you can’t get in to hit her. Good Nu’s can keep you out 24/7 without breaking a sweat.

Actually, after thinking about it, rather than nerfing her damage output, it would be better to take a few frames off of the blockstun for swords (although they would still need to be safe on block). It wouldn’t kill her to lose that ridiculous 5dd 4dd j.2dd 214dc j.dd j.2dd pressure loop. IMO the biggest reason people complain about her isn’t because she’s horribly broken, but because it’s just not fun to fight against her for most characters. As a Nu player, I would support such a nerf if if made mirror matches less boring.

Edit: Never mind, pretty sure this would be impossible considering a move’s level is what determines both hitstun and blockstun, as well as other factors.


Nu owns them both bro.

The only characters that have a 5-5(that i know of) vs Nu are:
bang (a big maybe)

On topic

If they give Nu a sword meter(which might be a good idea), they need to give her more health and have only certain swords use that meter.

Yeah, if they do implement some kind of sword meter, a health buff would be in order.

Its funny how Rachel spends the entire story mode teleporting around and messing with people but doesn’t have a teleport move in-game. The other two zoners got teleports.

Oh well, Haku-men, Tager & Bang need a buff more against them. Nerfing characters only gets folks mad but upgrades make people happy!

Will Nu get beat with the same nerf stick that Karas got? Who knows. But I doubt they’d make her the new Slash Robo-Ky . . . that was a travesty.

i agree…rachel has one…i dont understand what the guys were thinking when they made this game i completely love this game…but i mean its waaaay to unbalanced…look at nu and jin…freezing…cmon man