The Official Guild Wars Thread

Yo, lets all represent this great game from ArenaNet.

I’m currently working on getting all my PvE guys to the end of their campaigns for EOTN when it comes out, I am waiting so bad for it.

Almost got UAX on my Assassin and Ritualist.

How about you guys what are you doing in GW?

…pretty much quit.

Aw that sucks.

I think its a really good game considering I can’t invest much time with 2 jobs, college coming up, and WoW, I can go in do some stuff and have fun.

Im still playing GW, been doing competitive PvP since the beginning. I hope to get EOTN if im not on a budget.

never installed it… and now with wireless connection, im not sure how bad it would run…

Right now, just getting elite skills. I got a lvl15 D/E, a lvl20 Mo/E, and a lvl 12 A/R. I want to play the Pvp portion but I end up getting sucked into the PvE part any ways. I find this game a way not to play wow.

Well, I finally installed it i have an assassin lv7, havent interacted with anyone yet, just trying to get a better idea of how to play, doin those annoying jobs quests for xp and well gil/gold is a plus, anyways, the game seems ok, gonna play it when i have some free time

Since you are playing GW: Factions, you will need to party up with someone after you hit lvl 10, the game gets hard fast. You’ll start venturing into lvl 14 and 15 creatures at 10 just to complete your missions. Also, what is your secondary class? That is very important for the beginning, but you can change it after a certain part in the PvE portion.

I stopped playing this before factions came out cause my guild broke up. we were pretty hardcore in pvp and once they all left I couldn’t bare to join a pub so the game just got too boring.

He could just progress through the game with just NPCs. Having a secondary profession isnt that really big of a deal only if you’re doing a specialized build. Its better to just stick with the primary skills for now.

I’m sorry, but the NPC characters are just plain dumb. They use generic builds and you can’t control them. (Unless you are playing the Nightfall campaign, in which the Hero NPCs are great, still not the best). The NPC healer in the factions campaign is decent but unless you are a monk, know a monk in game, it just much easier.

Sure NPCs arent as smart as real players but at the same time there are many real players out there who are inexperienced and arent as effective as NPCs. Its just the matter of knowing how to control them which many people lack, this is why they look down on NPCs. I know because ive gone through all 3 campaigns with just using NPCs the whole time. You have to know when to pull and which target to call, theyre also best at interrupts.

Yes their builds are ‘generic’ but they still work. All monks in each campaign are pretty much the same, you have the standard prot and heal monks. Only difference is that they carry mostly skills based on the campaign.

bought all the parts so far but i’m tired of needing a group to really enjoy the game in pvp so i quit and now waiting for fury in hope they will give a good solo pvp gameplay

thx for the advice, ill play solo till i finish all the sub-job quest and decide what its best to compliment my assassin, so far no other jobs skill are too appealing, havent gone thru them all yet tho. I guess you can upgrade other jobs skills too when u decide wich subjob u want for sure right? I also got into a guild… i hate how guilds associate in the game…anyways, thx again

I enjoyed the game when it first came out.

All the tone downs made the game boring, patch after patch. You discover something half-decent, and it usually gets a tone down.

It got to the point where I asked myself, “why bother” and quit.

i picked my secondary job already, so ill be assassin/elementalist, not sure if its decent combo, but it seemed right to me, also warrior was tempting, i hope i didnt make a noob choice :confused:… like when i was a whm/thf in ffxi :rofl:

it’s good for pvp…spikes and stuff.

glad to hear its good for something, im not much into pvp, never was really, but i guess ill start with this game, its fun and all, i just never played a heavy pvp mmo:confused:

pretty much anything can work in PvP if done right:tup:

you’ll love it.

Assassins teleport by way of “Shadow Stepping”…

Casters think they’re safe until you teleport in their face to stab them to death in 3-4 seconds. :rofl:

you’ll grow to love it in pvp. :wink:

it’s too bad…i’m burnt-out on the game.

lol. i’m not sure about that…

Spear-chucking Necromancers anyone?

now that i’d have to see.

(…and no, it wouldn’t really work effectively)

Prophecies and Factions will last you a good while. :wink:

…i played the game for 2 years, off-and-on. good ish.