The Official Holodek Fighting Game Scene Thread (506 RT 1 Kittery, Maine)

Hello and welcome to the Official Holodek Fighting Game Scene Thread. I do not work for Holodek, but I plan on going there a lot as I’m living in York, Maine for the summer. I’m trying to find people interested in fighting games and have casual matches, trade ideas, and ultimately for everyone to become better. If you are interested please post in this thread! Thank you!

For information about hours, price of admission, etc, please visit their myspace page (New and non-myspace improved website coming soon!)

Tournament Watch (Updated May 31st, 2009): Holodek will be hosting a Street Fighter IV tournament June 21st at 3:00 PM. The entry fee is $15 and you are told to call (207)439-4275 to register. The money pot will be split 60/30/10 to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. This is a double elimination tournament. Bring your own stick too as I believe none will be provided at the tournament.

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Build that Maine scene. :nunchuck:

Your a little late with that tourney info but look around maine first to see if there interested in coming to the store for casuals because I don’t know anybody that would go to maine for casuals. When a tourney comes around I can see people showing up from out of state if there is a consistantly high # of people that go to your tourneys. Just have a set date and put it in this thread and hopefully everything works out for you. I will try my best to help out.

Sry for double posting but when you have a set date for your fight night I know a couple of people that live in maine and play SF4. Just let me know and I will tell them about you guys.

If you guys host a fight night, I know me and CP would visit seeing as we’re not too far. But I guess I’d like to know if there would be some competition :]

Like I said, build that Maine scene!