The Official HSIEN CHANG vs any FFA chump MM thread

Hsien Chang wants to call out anyone from the so-called capital of 3s, FFA, to a money match. Only stipulation is has to be for 500 dollars minimum. Pyro is the main target here and a goal of a 3000 dollar MM is what he wants in particular. This is to happen at EVO worlds will be on console (unless someone can provide arcade 3S at EVO). If pyro himself or anyone else wants to step up to this challenge, post up here please. Hsien has the power of taiwan behind him and a wallet that makes me look broke :frowning:

p.s. anyone from ffa can step up!! lets make this hype!! another point, this has nothing to do with anyone on a personal level, besides the fact he thinks everyone at ffa sucks, including myself :frowning: bring that
money. enough mvc2 MM for now, lets bet big 3s!!!

also, since alot of people have mention this, hsien chang will play amir, but only for 1000 so far covered.

OK, so far udpated 5/22 people who wanna bet on pyro include:
supaman 100
nam 500
truetech 50-100
mrbean 100
ruin 100
sailorsaturn 1000
neiman 100
jkdchaos 100 (on amir or pyro)
w3s 200
JD 200
amb 50-100
fernies nutts 50
thyallmighty 200

anyone im missing sorry. just post up and ill update.

amir bets:
jdkchaos 100 (on pyro or amir)
neiman 200
guywong 100
supamin 100
bean 100
w3s 200
jd 200
amb 50-100
fernies nutts 50
tyrinademan INFINITY!!! (see whats left homie, ill make sure ill cover at least a 100 fun bet with you if nothing else)

my dude watson staying on stop of that gambling shit. LETS GET THIS MONEY PEOPLE!

The real capital of 3s play is the oG watts housing project in Monterey Park. Whenever he wants to step up to the real skill holla at a playah . The axe will be waitin :encore:

What’s the set?

First to ten? 3 out of 5?

No offense to Hsien, guys a hella dope dresser. But I’ll put 50 on Pyro.

3 Grand? Goddamn Watts.

i’ll back amir too if he wants some

hsien is godlike.

nitto > hsien chang


Hsien is a good dresser and Dog-face is sexy.

I’ll counter your bet with $50 on Hsien. If I win, just pay me with $50 worth in drinks. :wgrin:

3S trying to power up in MMs

doesn’t this dude pick ken? I like Namir Namirsaleh over this dude for like 8 bills.

this is not my money being bet, granted i will bet some. this bet is hsien coming out and challenging ffa players for a min of 500 bucks ft 10. standard rules of MM apply. bring it on people, lets make 3S > MVC2 :slight_smile:

My cleanse is over so we can drink together. We both win!

And Watts, mad props for getting big MM on 3S.

…and when you get that accomplished send Jesus my way. I have a whole bunch of water and I’m too cheap to pay for liquor. Team 3 > Chang. I’ll put a Bill on that. DO YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID THERE???

I think he should call out nitto and ohnuki for MM at evo for $500 minimum, which i dont think he will. I will help you talk to them. get hype!

I don’t have that kind of money to gamble with and would only do it on arcade

way to kill the vibe, here i thought we could do a Sanford-Duc level 3s match and it’s already in the gutter.

anybody else from FFA have balls?

you’re dumb.

I know, I guess we’ll all just have to get hype for you vs Mike Chaos. You’re still doing that right?


I think the 500 minimum is a lot for most of the FFA heads. If you do 100 minimum, I think money could be gathered to see Yi, Vic or maybe even Amir play vs Hsien.

Go Hsien!!!

Expecting Pyro who will have just came back from Japan to have that kind of money to gamble is kinda… :looney:

Anyways, I’ll put up $100 on either Amir, Pyro, Vic, or Yi. (depends on who’s going)

And $25 on Richard or Vinny. :bgrin:

I’m not exactly rich soooo…$125 total for now.