The *Official* I'll beat Justin in Arcade ST

Get an arcade cab. ST: First to 10, $300.

Which one of you Justin Wong Fanboys wants to put up the $$$?

Justin is the homie, but I’ve been hearing to much talk lately…especially from J Wong fanboys. LOL.

BTW, Watson will beat the entire New School list by himself.

yup, fuck it, ill back shirts against anyone in ST, even myself, but i would have to throw the match :slight_smile:

bet em!! i got his back

When you’re done massaging your own balls, I’d like to do that boss challenge idea that Watson came up with. Nobody cares about your personal grudges because Justin has never talked crap about ST and probably never will. However, I believe you still have yet to beat me since what, 2001? Before I knew how to play?

This isn’t, and never was, about money. It’s about breathing some new life into EVO instead of the same old tournaments. If you don’t want to be part of that, you don’t have to participate, but stop making it some personal mission to make money. Nobody cares.

LOL. You want to play for $$$? LOL.

lol… too funny.

I’ll perfect any dhalsim with my gief.

I’m pretty sure you’re joking.

A Texas boy making a lot of noise…

Texas better represent! Damn Bulldogs… lol

Shirts, you should bet $$$$ against top japanese players. It’s like some top japanese MvC2 player posting a topic and challenging you to play MvC2. It barely makes any sense

i’ll play shirts for a dollar, there you go