The Official Internet Meme Tracker Thread


This thread is long overdue for me as I don’t keep track of trends and I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally gets confuzzled by random new memes or e-colloquialisms randomly popping up.

So I’ve made a thread where people can safely ask the meaning or origin of random memes, past and current. For example:

Why My Little Ponies? What fostered this obsession for these characters?

What’s the origin of the trollface and its cousins?

I HAZ A… [Insert Random Cat With Costume Here] ?

I know 4chan is responsible for a good 99% of these memes, but since I’ll never venture there I’d rather compile the vast number of yearly memes so my fellow SRKers can at least keep up without much mental investment.


Doesn’t Encyclopedia Dramatica cover all this already? Know your meme doesn’t go deep enough for me, but it is also pretty good for checkin up on the origin of memes. I also want to know who draws the funny faces on 4chan.


Encyclopedia Dramatica is annoyingly written and extremely sarcastic to the point where I can’t take them seriously. Never heard of “Know Your Meme” so idk…?

#4 :tup:

Now that I re-visit it, the site’s changed quite a bit and contains a lot more content.

Since this is a meme tracker thread, I want to know when a new meme hits. The only one’s I’ve been privy to see in its infancy was the very short-lived and not really that funny In Korea, only old people use email meme from Slashdot.


Well think of this thread as a place where you can discuss memes, or add your own tidbit on a particular meme, as well as track them.


Anyone know where this and the FFFFFUUUU meme came from?