The Official Jacksonville FL thread, where we don't care about tiers

Sying commanded so I did welcome the to new JVille thread everybody!…mk9-jacksonville-florida.144963/#post-5849969
Hammer Hall Ranbats each Sunday at 6PM, we are in week 2 but its a great way to level up your game.
At the same place, on the weekend of October 29th or October 30th birds! and I are planning a Halloween Themed tournament with Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) and King of Fighters XIII and a awesome mystery game.

tyger runs a ranbat tournament in Orange Park every Thursday. He also runs HUGE tournaments every other month from there.

Finally CEO Jebailey is coming to St. Augustine to host a big tournament at expCon… no firm info on that yet, more info to come.

TKK got third at the tourney.

I thought Troy reported that he beat TKK in loser semi. Ill text him tomorrow and if so ill give the man his due . Im not out to screw anybody.

You should stick with Fei in SSFIV:AE, I mean how much can he get nerfed in AE2012? looks at the twins Nevermind.

Seriously, I’m going to stick with 3S for now, at least until ranbats start. You going to be on tonight, need some sparring?

Yeah I should be on some time tonight when do you plan to be on? Also Fei got nerfed twice as bad as Yun just from the rekka alone who the HELL complained about his chip it takes like 45 2-hit rekkas to chip out an average health character.

Shoutout to jeff for a mean online session tonight. Definitely made me realize some pretty serious flaws in my game but it wont be for nothing. Gotta keep working on my shit and leveling up. Looking forward to seeing all of u guys at storm this saturday. Its been way too long since i was in jax to play you guys. Again thanx to jeff for ggs and giving me some advice.

to Birds!: i dont know anything about PS3 Flaws or lagless this or lag that. i know about something that pertains to stuff like SF4 but ive never experienced such a thing. my problem is merely an interface issue. at least on 360, its pad and the arcade stick just didnt work for me. if i can find a way to use a PS3 controller then ill be fine and i can enjoy the game and do tournaments with yall.

Should be posting ranbat details tonight. Got 2 nice prizes today for winners of said ranbat.

River City Ranbats Season 1 FAQ

What: Ranbat = Ranking Battles, a semi-casual and fun way to level up your game!
**Where: Hammer Hall Gaming , **1271 King Street, Jacksonville Florida 32204
Why: To have fun, level up our game and win cash and prizes!
When: Each Sunday starting at 5:00 PM (schedule below)

Importaint Dates

Event Date Note
Casuals @ Hammer Hall September 4th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.1 September 11th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.2 September 18th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.3 September 25th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.4 October 2nd, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.5 October 9th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.6 Finals October 16th, 2011
ExpCon October 23rd, 2011
River City Rumble Tournament II October 30th 2011

Schedule*(tentative, times subject to number of participants for each games)*

Time Event
5:00 PM Registration starts / Casuals start
6:00 PM Registration ends / SSFIV:AE starts
7:30 PM Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike Online starts
8:30 PM Marvel vs Capcom 3 starts

Games will be played in a standard double elimination format. Rank seeding will not be in effect until Season 2. Location seeding will be considered. See more rules below. All above games will be played on XBOX 360

Point Structure
1st - 9 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 Points
4th - 3 Points
5th - 1 points
6th and lower - 0.5 points
Points are accumulated weekly and will reported on the SRK forum and in a google doc.

Results can be found in the below link:

Fee’s / Registration
[][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Venue fee - Mandatory $5 upon entry, good for casuals all day as ranbat schedule allows. Venue fee to be paid at front desk to get your wristband.[/FONT][/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Venue fee is waived if a setup used for the tournament/ranbat. Please get with birds! or sying![/FONT][/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Pot entry fee- $5 per game for entry into each ranbat week each game for SSFIV:AE ,MVC3 and for 3rd Strike. This fee is to be paid to birds! or sying.[/FONT][/COLOR]
For each week please register at the link below. This will help us determine the number of setups required, populate brackets and help us run the tournament more efficently.

[][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=Arial]No drinking or drugs or fighting on premesis. We do not want to lose this venue. If you have or partake in drinking/drugs/Bionic Arming on premesis you forefit all fees paid that day and you will be removed from the premesis. NO EXCEPTIONS.[/FONT][/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Standard EVO rules apply. Default settings for all games.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]The tournament is BYOC. Bring your own stick or controller.[/FONT][/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]For all games there will be best of 3 in bracket play, best of 5 in losers finals, winners finals and grand finals.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Gill is banned in 3rd Strike / DLC characters are banned from MK[/FONT][/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Any game breaking glitches executed will result in automatic disqualification in a match. Don’t do it![/FONT][/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]It is the winners responsibility to report to birds! or sying that he/she won. Don’t make us hunt you down![/FONT][/COLOR]
Payout / Prizes

Payout Structure

Of the pot entry fee 75% of the total pot per game will be payed out that current week. The remaining 25% will be pooled and distributed to the top 3 points winners at the end of the ranbat season according to the point structure above.

Place Weekly Winners (75% of weekly pot of each game)
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Ranbat Season Winners (accumulated pot of 25% of weekly pots / per game)
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Ranbat Raffle
There will also be a raffle at the end of the ranbat for even more prizes. Each week’s entry in a game will earn you one ticket. Bringing a full setup (at least monitor/TV and system) will earn you an extra ticket. The drawing will take place on October 16th, 2011 during Ranbat Season 1 Finals.

Links to the prizes:

Custom balltops from Pilgrim Pud

Tek-innovations plexi and replacement artwork

More prizes to be added as the season progresses!

Weekly Additional Prizes

Top two winners in each game will receive raffle tickets from the owners in a seperate drawing. Prizes to be determined.

All games
1-800-SOO-GDLK- Pot bonus of $43.55 will be given to the winner if he/she earns the max number of points for in the season (per game).

Final Note

Please make it a point to attend as much as you can, the more you attend the more points you get. If you can’t attend this ranbat please attend tyger’s Orange Park ranbat at Underground Alley. **Support your local scene! Like the Facebook, follow the twitter, follow the SRK thread! **

Hopefully if this gets popular we will be able to move to a larger venue/better date and time and be able to record and stream these tournaments.

This is looking sick it’s hard to belive how much the Jacksonville FG scene has grown in the couple of months I have been a part of it.

Just for the record , I absolutely did not win 3rd in mortal kombat at any point in my life.
Lol. Just a heads up. Hopefully noone is frontin like they me.
Mortal Kombat (Round robin)

1: Lukenessmonster
2: LordxMugen
3: 730BlackMage
4: Clay
5: Mike
6: saequo

Thanks! To Salty! I see you’re changing up your main … AGAIN. Your fei was pretty good, why the drastic change to 'geif?

I edited the signup sheet here:


If someone can fill out the sheet for me so I can see if I have the authorizations right? Please and thank you.

@ Mugen . I don’t know what to say man, if most people have the 360 version thats what the tourneys will be based on. If we change it for you then everyone has to bring two sticks. I say go to casuals and ranbats and get used to the 360.

Yeah, sorry about that my whole registration was f’ed up. Thats my fault. It was inconsequental anyways because it was winner take all. I hope my signup sheet for ranbats / tournaments will reduce the number of fuck ups on my part.

Hmm, so we have a season now? Ummmm it might b hard for me, cause I got soccer games on Sundays. Its been a bit of a hiatus but I think I’m back. Hopefully more ppl will go down to orlando with me for ceo tournaments

If u need help wit n e thing, I’m down. Like settin up or n e thing

tyger will have ranbats at UA on Wensdays , but he likes his facebook group better :wink: and posted details there. I’m sure he will post here soon.

I’ll definately need some kind of help this ranbat season. Most importaint thing is to slow down and get it right the 1st time, which is all me.

For anyone going to UA this Saturday, see you guys there :] A bunch of us from Ocala and Gainesville are heading up.

I’ve been playing Geif because even if Fei is ok in 2012 edition I despise the changes they made I like 3s better and Geif is the perfect character for trolling Russian skys are always protected now.

anyone trying to play mvc3 or 3s tonight?

I can be your beating stick, as I am garbage, PlayYing is my XBL name. Also shoutouts to another dead vs dead WF next tourney.