The Official King of Fighters REVENGE Thread


Okay yes another thread for another KOF game, but yes it comes with another poll!! That’s right!!

Why? First off:

  1. KOF Revenge from what I’ve gathered from Fiol is 2k2UM with extra backgrounds. There’s a loke test going for it today in China and tomorrow I believe in another part of China that Vice Vecta will be at. Therefore, this complicates the issue. So this is a poll and info for the game all at once.

Questions we need answered:

  1. Is this an upgrade of console 2k2UM for the Arcade?
  2. If so what else besides the graphics have been changed?
  3. Is it enough of an upgrade to warrant us changing the rules to “arcade rules?”

So I will let you all decide what you think we should do, because as of now, I have had a poll on 6-7 forums (the same one as SRK) that while it may not have been as objective as I would’ve liked in retrospect, Option 3 won, meaning EX characters + Geese+Goenitz overall are legal.

At my Raging Storm 2009 Major, Geese + ex characters are legal, but Goenitz will be banned due to how Mexico has banned Goenitz but has the Ex characters and regular Geese legal.


Personally I’d wait and see what’s changed, if anything, before putting for any questions. But for my take I think we’re fine for now.


Hence I’m letting this poll run for about 15 days. I’m sure we should know enough within 15 days to draw some type of conclusion.


Damn I wanted to see results and ended up voting. Discount my vote D:


Okay will do, because we have to remember that many things could change in the arcade version, for all we know they could have more characters, they could have “unlocks” that don’t include the “Boss Row”, or many many other things, like Isolde could be playable, and more characters would also mean if we go by Arcade rules it would be a little different at home.

Also is this something you all think I should poll on other forums eventually?



That’d be the second one…“Keep the rules how you have them.”


there really is no reason to use arcade rules if the arcade version isn’t going to be readily accessible.


Good point, it won’t be readily accessible until God knows how long. Did you vote for that?




Okay good. The irony is whenever Webster votes lol, and removing fallots vote as of now puts this at an even score of 3-3.


Wow, I had not even heard of this game until now; I call myself a fan on SNK but wasn’t aware of the release.

For shame. :wasted:


I didn’t know you guys are gonna play KOF 2002UM at the arcades! OH WAIT…


I do


Long time reader, first time poster (on this forum at least)

Voted. I’d like to add for the record, according to the HK and GuangZhou loke tests, EX Characters are selectable and there are NO Bosses available, and YES that includes Geese.

Dr Neo Geo as present and wanted to know feedback about gameplay and bugs.

I’m really impressed with the interaction with the fans and SNK, I’m positive they’ve never done this before for previous KOFs!


in my opinion, ex characters legal.bosses should be banned:amazed:


voted. arcade rules and regulations only for me :slight_smile:


Theres other changes to the game we are finding out such as changes to the moves like Daimon’s roll in this version has no invincibility and other things we are finding out, so in essence it is truly becoming an upgraded 2k2UM.


some other news about this game:

-kyo-1 236236a less time to “charge” it (i know u dont have to charge it but the char does it anyway)
-daimon 214b has been modified (no invincible)
-background like the ones posted by dark geese (ex. freezed lab)


yes… but only in 2d (no 3d things in them)


Oh yeah you guys fucked up now if you are banning Geese due the the arcade REVENGE rules…who’s the 2nd form of Geese in this game? BILLY. Sure Geese is better but Billy has better range. So you all may see:

Billy, Choi, Bao. Scary aint it!!!