The Official Legend of Heroes Thread: I want ALL the SEPITH! (Cold Steel II out)



Man I thought the dub for cold steel was pretty good. Damn weebs need to stop crying about no jp voices.


Sen no Kiseki III - web commercial


Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki III - demo movie




What’s the significance of that image? Is it a tease that they’ll be localizing the calvard games?


It’s somewhat part of the running joke/meme regarding what chapter/arc/place would be next up in the Kiseki/Trails series timeline, in regards to the series announcement stuffs.
Stuff like, “When’s Calvard?” or "Calvard never."
Though the same could be said of Crossbell to an extent as well, lol.

Some people are kinda over the whole Sen/Cold Steel focus right now given the latest news of another Sen/CS entry, which more-or-less confirmed the (game) state of Sen III/CS III based on player impressions and stuff.

In regards to localization stuffs though, Zero/Ao needs to be done first, if anything, so that the West is somewhat up to speed.
Mainly for the sake of the overall series timeline experience (completeness/thoroughness) in regards to some chars/events/etc. that appear in Sen/CS but originate from Zero/Ao.
Like in the case of some Sora/Sky chars/events that appear/are mentioned in Sen/CS.



Someone ripped the japanese voiceovers from the TiTS Evo games on the Vita and made a mod to put the voices into the Steam TiTS games.

I just found this out, but it’s been out for a few months now.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - PC Gameplay Video



*randomly looks up Sen IV news/update stuffs *


Praise Aidios.