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Does anyone know where I can find Ogre Akuma and Evil Dan? Oh and what screen packs will work with winmugen?

i got both, msg me on aim

my music keeps jumping, any reasons why?

yea, search for mugen mp3 plugin

i tried that, and it still skips…

can you be a bit more specific about which plugins and stuff?

amd i know i have to mod lines somewhere in the code…right?

and btw, does anyone know how to “smooth” out the graphics by adding scanlines or something? I remember a SamSho/LB - based MUGEN game a couple years back that was really well-done with a smoother look to it…

I remember I just copied the code, and added it to the systems cfg file or something…anyone know what it is?

i will post the plugin later, and no i havnt heard about that.

Anyone have a link to a working Street Fighter Alpha 3 lifebar download?

the addon section has SFA3 bars

Thanks! One more question while I’m posting…

I’m having a bit of trouble with Arcade mode. the game runs fine, until after the third fight. It simply ends. Is there a way to make it where you fight everyone? I’m probably just simply overlooking it.

if you want cool characters, pm me your aim name and I’ll be happy to send them your way.

Here’s a cool Sonic Battle Mugen game (everything’s already built) click on ‘download’ at the Sonic Battle Mugen Edition section.

It’s 18mb I think, pretty small. I love how the title screen music and character select screen bg music actually works for me, as opposed to my own custom mugen game… I even use the same plugin…

If you want to play Mugen with graphic alterations like scanlines or sprite blurring, go to the Data folder, open up mugen.cfg (using wordpad or something) and find the option there.

I don’t know if anyone can answer this, but I’ll try.

Is there a way to force the AI to pick a specific pallete? For example, I have CVS Geese from Warasaki. As you know, if you hold start and pick him, you get the nightmare version. I have him set to fight him as one of the “order=3” characters, but it’s random whether the player will face the regular Geese or the Alternate version. I just want to know if there’s a way to always face the “evil” version.

I forgot, there’s a Goenitz edit, where if you pick one specific palette, he’s gold, has infinite meter, and he heals himself. I’d like to face him everytime as well.

Anybody here make there own stage? If so can I see it? Some of the stages I have dl’ed are so small. I am going to make a stage as big as the ones they have in marvel vs capcom 2.

Holy fucking shit …

like I just realized what this is JUST NOW. It’s like Stepmania for fighting games.

I pray to GOD I get this new computer fucking soon.

Would yall hook me up with the cool characters and shit if I do? That character select screen is OUTRAGEOUS.

Why are people crying for new 2-d fighters when you have this?

at my moms house i have a mugen with EVERY character ever made for it, that was released to the public… over 3000 characters

^^^damn son. thats alot of people. and thanks for making this thread. ive been wanting to make a mugen game for a while now but all the good sites are in like spanish.

any word on that mp3 patch? I’m having the same problem.

I’d be better to do some browsing in this Mugen troubleshooting board

this is why they invented translators

OK. .downloaded a Mugen pack on my roomies CPU and im havin trouble.

-I downloaded some new characters, extracted them to a folder, named it the same as the file and they dont show up on the character select
EDIT:: I read the guide. . do I need to also delete the character code in the “select” notepad file to erase them?

-the music acts up

-I tried to take out all the characters that I didnt think fit into my ultimate 2-d fighter and it put holes in the character select. How can I take out the characters and keep the boxes organized? And when I put them back their icons dont show up.

-some characters arent showing up. In my characters folder I clearly see the character “Foxy” from Kof but she wont appear on the character select

I’d REALLY appricieate any help

and all the “read-me’s” arent in english