The Official NBA 2013-2014 Thread: Spurs win Championship:Heat cooled off


Copy & pasted stuff from the old thread (updated)

Below are a compiled list of current NBA teams along with posters who are fans of them

(Alphabetical order)
Atlanta Hawks - (Shinblanka, K4polo,<Insert Name Here>)
Boston Celtics - . (Maxx, SmoothViper, PBalla, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, DarkGeneral)
Brooklyn Nets - (Geo)
Charlotte Bobcats - (Shogunshow, Unreallystic)
Chicago Bulls - (BullDancer)
Cleveland Cavaliers -
Dallas Mavericks - (Terry_NB, Black Jesus, TornadoFlame)
Denver Nuggets - (Mr. Noodle)
Detroit Pistons - S (Kazmaster, Mashf3st, DarkGeneral, Cool-Breeze)
Golden State Warriors - (Hoonyo, Seta, Subt-L, Night, Morphiend, TheWholeFNshow, Etep1)
Houston Rockets - S (AkumaTX, KnuckleifyouBuckley, GrimmJow316)
Indiana Pacers- (Silver Rain 007)
Los Angeles Clippers - S (Robust)
Los Angeles Lakers - (KimTerran, Boom, Viscant, Watts, Happytang, Ephidel, Richter85, Iron-Maiden, Dataika, Thurst, Donaldducktm, Taito, Superking, P.Troll I mean Gorath, Erco, Rockman X, Sodasic, FOBio, James Chen, Amazing Funbags)
Memphis Grizzlies - (Flymike, akumatrunigga)
Miami Heat - (Geo)
Milwaukee Bucks - (Aresenal,Spideyman)
Minnesota Timberwolves - (The Purple Bunny)
New Orleans Hornets - (Geo)
New York Knicks - (Galactic, Black Chandler, debs)
Oklahoma City - (HaiDuongRiceMan?)
Orlando Magic - (Satomiblood, Doujinshi_2001, BshidoHeat)
Philadelphia 76ers - (ViciousSLASH)
Phoenix Suns - (Sabre)
Portland Trail Blazers - (I Am Lothar, Griffard)
Sacramento Kings - (BR3N7)
San Antonio Spurs - (ViciousSLASH, Weeks)
Toronto Raptors - N (Carpet Lint, Dropthesky, Divinus, Yellows4, Mr.Noodle, sing31, BadMojo, Mario Lemieux)
Utah Jazz - (The Invincible Swordsman)
Washington Wizards - (Unreallystic)

The non-current teams and their supporters

Zombie Sonics - (Jae Hoon, cKrAzY, rcaido)

That is right I copy and pasted the copy and paste, making it twice as redundant. You Mad?


We need some people to fill out for the non fan teams, there has to be a Minnesota fan here somewhere.


I’ll do it. Love in the Shower all day every day.




hey guys, sports.


It’s not a new NBA Thread without the first “Fuck the Heat” comment.


lmfao. surprised im not under lakers with an asterisk.


go warriors.


If you can add me to the Rockets fan part would be cool, thanks.

Go Rockets.


SadQuotes to Lakers

Lakers: Let’s tank!
Kobe Bryant: Fuck no.
Sweet, Toronto is hosting the 2016 All-Star Game.


I ‘REALLY’ want to try and get into Fantasy Ball this year. Any primer information? What kind of league we do here?

I’m drippin waitin on the logo change for Charlotte. I just want them to go completely OG with it…same colors, logo, and mascot.

And next to Benny

This was the best mascot ‘ever’.

I’ll make an exception for Seattle, but he’s just as un-employed right now

I bet Jordan still fucks it up though :sad: and I’ll have to take my son to a Washington Wizards game instead :rolleyes:

considering I work at NC State, worked on Duke and UNC is a 20 minute drive away, you’d think I’d just say screw the NBA…

  • :bluu:


I want to as well, I just have no idea what the hell to do in drafting.
They should bring back the Hornets court design in general, it was so goofy but so cool.


Add me as a Hawks fan. Though I don’t know why I bother sometimes.

Horford better be an All-Star this year, though.


Fun League is the only league that matters anyway


Hopefully KD Alpha dies of dysentery the same night Kobay scores 40 on Rockets.


What do you think this is some kind of democracy? We just do not throw names in their son, you got to earn your keep!




cant wait to see what new teams we can add lifelong fan geo to


New Orleans for the 4th time, maybe Golden State.


also I noticed lacking from last year’s thread was frontrunnin ass Shatterstar postin 3 celticsblogslinks per day, guess when they suck nothin to write about


pballa come back tho to fight all the lakers fans


We should have a Wiggins league…whole point is to tank that shit up (>_<)
Raptors in 4…

  • :bluu:
    EDIT - 11011 post…cool shrug