The Official NBA 2014-2015 Thread: Simp City


Copy & pasted stuff from the old thread (updated with team name change)

Below are a compiled list of current NBA teams along with posters who are fans of them

(Alphabetical order)
Atlanta Hawks - (Shinblanka, K4polo,<Insert Name Here>)
Boston Celtics - . (Maxx, SmoothViper, PBalla, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, DarkGeneral, ETEP1)
Brooklyn Nets - (Geo)
Charlotte Hornets - (Unreallystic, locoghoul)
Chicago Bulls - (BullDancer, The Co-Jones, Reason4U, makmak!!!)
Cleveland Cavaliers -
Dallas Mavericks - (Terry_NB, Black Jesus, TornadoFlame)
Denver Nuggets - (Mr. Noodle)
Detroit Pistons - S (Cool-Breeze, Kashiyukasthighs)
Golden State Warriors - (Seta, Subt-L, Night, Morphiend, TheWholeFNshow, Etep1, Vestax)
Houston Rockets - S (AkumaTX, KnuckleifyouBuckley, GrimmJow316, KD Alpha, locoghoul)
Indiana Pacers- (Silver Rain 007)
Los Angeles Clippers - S (Robust)
Los Angeles Lakers - (KimTerran, Boom!, Eren, Thurst, Taito, Rockman X, FOBio, SadQuotes, Strike_Prime, KD Alpha, Amazing Funbags)
Memphis Grizzlies - (akumatrunigga, D.R.E.)
Miami Heat - (Geo-#1 bandwagon fan, D’Nyc3, Ivy’s lover)
Milwaukee Bucks - (Arsenal,Spideyman)
Minnesota Timberwolves - (The Purple Bunny)
New Orleans Pelicans - (Geo)
New York Knicks - (Galactic, Black Chandler, debs, Mood4food77)
Oklahoma City - (KD Alpha)
Orlando Magic - (Satomiblood, BshidoHeat)
Philadelphia 76ers - (ViciousSLASH, CTG)
Phoenix Suns - (Psychoblue, Ivy’s lover, xEGAxBeastkingx)
Portland Trail Blazers -
Sacramento Kings - (BR3N7, a15kko)
San Antonio Spurs - (ViciousSLASH, Weeks)
Toronto Raptors - N (Mr.Noodle, BadMojo)
Utah Jazz - (The Invincible Swordsman)
Washington Wizards - (Unreallystic)

The non-current teams and their supporters

Zombie Sonics - (Jae Hoon, cKrAzY, rcaido)

The Official NBA 2013-2014 Thread: Spurs win Championship:Heat cooled off

First and stuff


@boom! Put me down under Bulls fan, sonics fan, and spurs fan.


Put me down as Lakers.

Also, Bucks in 6.


Don’t forget to stick me under the Boston Celtics. <3


Put Geo down as Laker fan and Kim as Boston fan. Kthx.


Add me under Phoenix Suns


Put me under LeBron Stan (wherever he goes I go! Lbj furrrevurrr)

And kings fan


<–Heat fan…Jae Hoon an cosign to it


He is, dude knows players from when they sucked Pre Wade.


Bah, someone beat me to the joke of “LBJ’s Team”…though there is merit to it.

  • :bluu:


Bucks Raptors ECF: Everyone wins in 4


Bulls fan. Which is relevant because Derrick Rose is currently fucking up any chance of getting Melo lmao. I don’t get it because everyone knows he wants to play with Melo.

Honestly I never had any hope of Melo joining the Bulls. Never get worked up over things like off season hype. Shit is a total crap shoot and I’ve always thought everyone is gonna stay where they were before.

Btw also Spurs fan since David Robinson even tho he was the punching bag for most of the legendary big men in the 90’s lol.


Heck that Mavs Knicks trade does not look to bad from both sides. I just hope Chandler can stay healthy, but even hobbled he’ll be more useful then Dalembert. Then again he is only a one year deal anyway. Guess New York got a bunch more trade pieces and a real PG.


not even waiting till preseason this year?

i’m pretty sure we’ve been copy pasting that list for like 5 years now. i haven’t seen some of those people in the thread for what feels like longer than that.


I’m still trying to figure out the Bucks. Adding Parker, L-Sanders trying to redeem himself, and now it looks like a new coach in Kidd, cn’t forget further growth and development of the Greek Freak. Are they going to become legit, or just a tease?

  • :bluu:


Alright, I’mma need to be on the Grizz list…i didnt say nuffin last yr cause I was new an stuff…but uhm…yea.


Aw, Hawks traded away Lou? Damn. Who the hell are we trying to get in free agency anyway, lol.


knicks fan

wtf happened with the jason kidd deal, you can trade a coach?


I like the trade for the Raptors. Having an extra scorer off the bench and if Nogueira pans out, they have an extra big to use in case Johnson or Jonas gets in foul trouble.

Who the fuck Kidd think he is asking for more power after just 1 year on the job? I can’t believe the Bucks brought him in. It’s just not a good look for the team.