The OFFICIAL "New To Say Hello!" THREAD

Recently, the amount of newcomers to the fighting game community has increased significantly, and I’m sure it’s only going to get bigger as new Fighting Games are released. With The release of SF4, Super, BB, MB, MvC2 and MvC3 (coming soon), as well as Third Strike Online, I think it goes without saying that new players are always looking for a website to fit into the community, as well as a place to say hello and introduce themselves. Shoryuken.comhas outstandingly stood out to be that website, not only in providing *exceptional information *regarding games, but even a place to hang out and chat/debate about the games themselves with friends and rivals alike.

With that being said, I couldn’t even count the amount of new threads posted daily from players who just signed up for ** **within the hour, and immediately start a topic about virtually nothing, in an attempt to simply feel heard and welcome into the community. :woot: Don’t worry, we understand :sad:

In this thread, we hope to attract new players who want to be a part of this *fabulous community *by encouraging you to simply say hello and addressing any concerns and minor questions you may have, ideally helping to reduce much of the awkwardness that comes with starting a new thread and hoping nobody bashes you for your attempt to fit in.

It’s really this easy:

-Say Hello
-**State what game **you recently started playing and what you hope to accomplish (friendly matches, casual competition, tournament-level play, Just get better with win consistancy, etc)
-You may also include your gamertag. This will help other new players find players on similar levels of experience, making it easier to team up for matches (Also, you can use the matchmaking forums for more in-depth matchmaking)
-If you don’t already see a question asked previously in another thread or reply, feel free to ask a question here, and I can guarantee it will get answered, if not by me, by somebody else who knows.

*Let’s encourage our newcomers to feel at ease *on this website to ask anything they need to know, as well as say hello to this group. I’m sure thats what most new players are really thinking when joining a Website like this. Hopefully, this article will make that typically uncomfortable transition a lot easier. :china:

tl;dr - Newcomers section for introducing themselves. Enjoy! :rock:


Hi. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this the point of the ENTIRE Newbie subforum…

Greetings, all. I’ll admit I was tempted to make a topic shortly after creating an account yesterday, but a bit of patience showed me that most of my questions had already been answered at some point. Lots of good resources here!

The game that inspired me to make a SRK account was SSFIV, which I just started playing a few days ago. I’ve been playing fighting games off and on for the past six years, but it was mostly just with friends, and a lot of our matches turned into special move spamfests. After watching a LOT of the EVO stream a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to take things to the next level.

I had actually gotten vanilla SFIV shortly after it came out, along with a Madcatz TE stick. Not only did I want to get better, but I wanted to put that stick to use, if only to keep it from feeling like a waste of money. After a few days of practice, I believe I’m at least as good (probably better) at execution with a stick than I ever was with a controller, and I’ve realized how some trivially easy motions on a stick would be needlessly more difficult on a controller.

So now, I’m deciding on a main (I’m thinking Guy) and am about to start trying to learn him. I’m not sure that I’ll ever get to tournament level (though that would be awesome), but I’d at least like to be able to hold my own against my friends and anyone on XBL.

I apologize for the long-winded post, but better to be here than clogging up the board with another topic, I suppose.

The point of the Newbie Saikyo Dojo is to ask questions from beginners, yes. However, I find every single few days, tons of threads about people not really saying anything or asking anything in their threads, but rather just want to talk and feel as if they are part of something. No direct questions are bing asked, no problems are being addressed, but rather, its just typical commentary chatter. They just want to say hello honestly. If you want to say hello, just say it here. You do not need to post a new thread to tell the community that you just purchased the game, otherwise the board would be flooded with Hello’s.

You are still able to ask questions directly on the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, but if you just want to let everyone know that you’re new (which 85% of the posts are mainly about), here is the place to do it. If you have a question that needs to be addressed fully in detail, you are still entitled to post it in the main alley.

Hello! I just signed up.

Little story that I will tl;dr: I went to an arcade, found a KoF00 machine, and fell in love with arcade fighters. This was on saturday. Now I have a Hori Fighting Stick 3 for PS3, Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on my PS3 hard drive, with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger in the post. Am so disappointed that there seems to be no KoF on PS3 :frowning: (Edit: Just did another quick search and found there IS a KoF on PS3. Why Amazon didn’t have it in the fighting section is quite bizzare.)

If anyone wants to beat a newbie up, or if any newbies want to learn the games with a fellow newbie, feel free to add me on PSN: Darkwing87

On Street Fighter I usually main M. Bison (have done for yearrrrrs) but am considering Cammy. MvC2 I usually go for an M. Bison/Hulk/someone else team, and I’ve got no idea who I’ll main in BlazBlue, though I’m digging the look of Taokaka.

P.S. I got pretty decent at the original SFII, but that was on account of being a dirty Psycho Crusher spammer. Shhhh! People HATED me for that, lol!

ZOMG bad flashbacks of old school SF2 Champion Edition ennnndlessss Psycho Crusher chip-out blockstun games.

So you were one of THOSE people… lol =P


meant to put the standard “hello” lol


Just started to play SSF4 and decided i would give it a go on a more serious note, so i started to read some stuff and registered.
Looking to play Abel, Juri, El Fuerte and someone else.
If you want to beat me up, give it a go via PSN.

P.S.: Wanted to have the same nick, as my PSN, but somehow two of my mail providers decided that the activation email looks like spam and filtered it out, with no chance to retrieve it via the spam folder; looks like some kind of glitch :confused:


I’m Joe. This afternoon I bought a copy of Super Street Fighter IV on a whim.

The last time I really played a Street Fighter game was Street Fighter II Turbo for the SNES. I was in 5th grade. It was about 18 years ago. I was sort of good then, I think…my best were Ryu and Chun-li, I seem to recall, but me and my schoolmates pretty much unanimously agreed that Guile was so the coolest.

Nowadays? After messing around in SSFIV for the past few hours…oh man, I *suck *at this game!

But, not for lack of enjoyment of it, I gotta say.

Buddy of mine at work who’s into SF competitive play (I’m sure he’s registered here somewhere) directed me here for some information, the sort of thing I can use to stop this sucking. At the moment, I have no real intention of doing any kind of competitive gaming, but once I actually bother getting PSN set up I figure this maybe a good place to look for decent people to try, and even now looks to be a great source of insight, both from the casual-types as well as the crazy tournament master-types.

If there’s one thing that really drew my attention to SF, it’s the sheer personality it’s got–something I appreciate all the more nowadays. Capcom did a phenomenal job with keeping this series the way it is, creating some of the most iconic characters in the gaming world, and I’m rather psyched to try them out for the first time after almost two decades of my attention being (inexplicably) elsewhere. Preferences? I have no idea…I’m generally drawn towards my old favorites, had some semi-decent luck in the arcade and ‘challenge’ modes with Chun-li and Juri, and I’m eyeballing Makoto and Dudley simply because in most games I tend to gravitate towards the hardcore-offensive playstyles. However, the very ‘evasive’ (“vortexing”?) types like Ibuki and Akuma look like they might be great, great fun.

Whatever though. That satisfyingly big (remember, I come from the 16-bit days) character selection screen is a delicious buffet from which all must be sampled.

Nice to meet you all!

Hi there. I did post a couple weeks back in some thread asking about SF experience, but I cant seem to see that now, or I’ve forgotten where it is, but anyway, I’m gonna post here :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t really say I’m new to SF, but I can say I suck. I seem to do ok some days with the shoto characters, but it seems the online community does not take too kindly to yet another Ryu / Ken / Akuma etc, so I still can’t get too many matches (everyone seems to drop offline just before the match starts, so I’m hazarding a guess they quit?).

Just bought a costume pack for this last week, so I feel the need to play more to “justify” spending money on it. I’d appreciate being able to play more “newer” players to the game than the online seems to want to give me. I’ve only got somewhere around 400 PP, and online seems quite happy throwing me to the wolves with B+ ranked fighters with 3000+ PP, even when I specify “same skill” level, and there’s very little as demoralising as having your backside handed to you seemingly before you had a chance to move.

Anyway, if anyone’s in the same sort of boat I am, and doesn’t mind playing -another- shoto player (trying to get the C to shining C achievement), hit me up. PSN: Jaxx27, just let me know where you got me from, cos I hate empty requests and usually delete them.

Welcome and nice to meet you all also. And Jaxx, you don’t have to worry that people dislike you because you play shoto-types, because even at 3000+ PP thats all I still really see. I can’t imagine people not wanting to play simply because you pick Ryu, because if that was the case, they would hardly play matches at all.

And from what I have seen, Same skill/More skilled never seems to populate results based on PP/BP. Thats irrelevent. Actually, I think the list is populated by a combination of PP and win ratio (shown in your Player Data under Ranked Matches). Try endless mode with 3-4 player lobbies with people who have microphones. It helps a lil ;s

Hey guys! I’m Naraden my GT is PartisanPlague. I just got into SSFIV after buying Street fighter 2 on XBLA and loving it. I plan on being able to hold my own in tournament play eventually and am getting a stick within a couple weeks. I main Sagat and my secondaries are Cammy and sometimes Guy. It seems that with a stick I could unlock a lot of hidden potential execution wise then my crappy xbox controller. I just did my first tournament today and I made it to the quarter-finals so i was pretty happy.

ppl should start using this thread more rather than just making new ones. -__-. They all say the same things and im just thinking Poptags made this thread for a reason you know?"

fairly new, got into this because i was a fan on SF4 but did not buy it now have SSF4 looking to main cammy because so far i really like her, not extremely complicated, good rush down character, from Australia, any other Aussies feel free to add me since i can’t find many, i do suck so yeah…

Found that BP means NOTHING today as well a 0pp and 0bp cammy beating a 400pp 3400bp ryu made me laugh so hard, need a stick so my combo’s will come out though, thats about it? :slight_smile:

Long time lurker, recent-time poster,

Nice to meet’cha everyone! If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Mike from Bethlehem, PA. Just joined SRK to start getting involved in the SSF4 community, as well as find local competitions to attend.

Anyway, time for me to shuffle off to the Vega/SSF4 forums. Hope to fight some of you in the near-future!

Hopefully, yeah thats the idea. No need to make a new thread to just tell everyone you recently started, say it here.

Anyways, I have friends in Bethlehem PA. In fact, I was just there a few weeks ago when they opened the skate plaza ;3

And yeah, pick Cammy, she’s awesome :slight_smile:

Oh yeah? I live about three minutes (driving distance) from the skate plaza/Sands. Very cool.

For the record, Vega vs. Cammy has quickly become my favorite and most hated match-up. Every single round is a complete chess match and I have to fight tooth-and-nail for each hit I land. Don’t pick Cammy and make us Vega players’ lives easier!

HEY! Who said you could make an “official” thread?! FORUM POLICE!!!