The Official NFL 2014-2015 Season Thread: Fantasy football time! Post if you want in!


Look, it’s 2013. This thread should’ve been made before the friggin draft. Someone close the other one.

Anyway. You know the drill. I rep the sorry-ass Philadelphia Eagles but I look forward to them this season as I wanna see how Chip is gonna run this offense and if it’ll score some points.

Tebow has no football job (it’ll probably stay that way)
Mark Sanchez still has a starting job (it probably won’t stay that way)
All the older white qbs are jealous of the black guys who can run the read option (jealous, much?)
Roger Goodell keeps trying to push his 18 game season agenda on everybody (fuck you goodell. 16 games is perfect)
Urlacher retired (sure-fire HOFer)
Tidus Young gort arrested 3 times in a week (gotta be a new record)
Michael Crabtree got hurt going in motion (poor kid.)
And the best division in football is the NFC West (easily)

Can’t wait for fantasy.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN singing:

Flyyyyyyy eagles flyyyyyyy
On the road to victoryyyyyyyy…
Fiiiiiiiiight eagles fiiiiiiight!
Score a touchdown 1,2,threeeeeeee…

Hit em loooooooow
Hit em hiiiiiiiiigh
And watch our eagles flyyyyyyy
Flyyyyyyy eagles flyyyyyyy
On the road to victoryyyyyyy


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Official NFL 2013-2014 Season Thread! FALCONS RISE UP!

I’m a life-long Skins fan, and I’m also interested to see how Chip is going to fly with the Eagles. Is Vick starting?

Unfortunately for you, the Redskins look to be in position to take the division again. We were able to hold on to most of our key players, and will have more coming back from injury. Rak, Carriker, Garcon- anyone I’m forgetting? Oh yeah, Fletch is coming back!



What are the chances that Vick is gonna play all 16 games this season? :rofl:

I’m real curious to see how Kelly’s offense is gonna translate to the NFL.


Seahawks winning the NFC.

Refs gonna strike the week before the NFC title game.

Hawks over Packers with assistant ref assist.


NFC west is nowhere near as good as the AFC north


DA Bears.

That is all.


Eagles fan here.

Jaws said that Chip Kelly’s offense will not translate well into the NFL, although I’m sure he knows that whatever he runs won’t be exactly the same anyway. I’m very curious to see it and if Vick can run it. And the defense too, lots of questions there.

Overall, this is a rebuilding season, so I’m just hoping for positive progress.


some predictions for the season.
san fran will win the west.
cards will take 2nd in the west.
hawks will miss playoffs.
dallas will take the east. (huehuehueheue) romo es #1
miami will go deep into playoffs.
peyton will choke in wild card.


DA Bears…


Da Bears.

Let’s see if this Marc Trestman business pays off.


I’m surprised there’s so many Bears fans in here ;_;


Looks like I gotta get used to Greg Jennings not on the Packers anymore.


There’s a Bruce Irvin in the NFL? :rofl:


DE for SHawks


just like all the other nfl threads year after year I post 1-2 page and support you know it: teh RAVENS

suck on that haters, I don’t care how much our team has changed we still gonna make some noise!


Texan and Lions fan guess I’m a glutton for punishment.


Going with the Pack, same as every year.


Defensive tackle Chris Canty has spent just two months with the Baltimore Ravens after four years with the New York Giants. It’s a bit of a surprise, then, that he already believes Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Eli Manning.

i know there’s someone here who will love this lol…


What’s he supposed to say? That’s my teammate man, that’s my quarterback :’(

Actually I think that crying face should have the sunglasses, more accurate 8’(


Lets go Lions! NFC North > West