The Official NFL Offseason Thread: JPP blows contract thanks to fireworks stupidity. #spiritfingers


It’s time for a new thread!
It’s time for a new season!
It’s time for more hilarious gifs and memes!
And most importantly… It’s once again time for me to dominate you fools in the SRK FFL!

Pm @kaz‌ or post in this thread if you want in or if you want to start another SRK FFL.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

This has been the longest off-season ever. Seriously, fuck you Goodell.


Sent Kaz a weirdly-formatted PM.

Looks like I have 3-6 weeks to come up with a new and even more horrible team name.


*Sent Kaz a pm as well. Hopefully I do better this year.

Oh yeah go Bengals/Jags! *


packers winning it all this season. i hope most of our guys can actually stay healthy.


Go Bears…


The Bears will make the playoffs and get to the NFC title game.

The Seahawks will get denied in the wild card game because Madden curse too real.


Raiders will be 6-10 pr 7-9 and I will be fine with that. lol

Khalil Mack for DROY


i’m down for some fantasy football


Tim Tebow is attempting another Football comeback, I’m gonna draft him in Fantasy Football now.


he should just give in and switch positions, man he is so stubborn.


Like what, holder for special teams? lol


Pat Bowlen stepped down as owner of the Broncos because of Alzheimers. Damn man


I’d like to remind those of you playing fantasy to make sure you send your email address along with your pm to me.


Man, that’s too bad. Bowlen accomplished so much with the Broncos. Two SBs, over 60 percent wins in three decades. He’s definitely one of the great football leaders.

Now if only the owner of the Cowboys with Alzheimer’s would step down. That old fuck thinks he’s a GM.


Fuck you. I hope that old bastard lives forever.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying in his best Jerry Jones voice:

Ancient spirits of evil!.. Transform this decayed form into… JERRY JONES!! THE EVA… LIVING!!!


So where does SRK play Fantasy Football at?

I sent my pm to kaz.


Da Bears, and send me dat invite.


Are you in on fantasy? I need your email. Spots surprisingly are filling up fast. I need a volunteer to be league commissioner in a league. Anyone interested?

Also @SadQuotes‌ we play on ESPN. Invites will go out this weekend.


I cant help but to have optimize for Tampa this year, but honestly after 6 years of nothing I have to set my expectations to as low as possible.

Also don’t know why but cant wait for fantasy this year or maybe thats just football in general.


I’ve got 13/24 spots filled and 3 of those 13 are champs from previous years that I’m holding on to a spot for that have yet to send me a pm. Also most of the runner ups from previous years haven’t checked in yet. We also have some new blood playing. Should be interesting.

There’s still a few of you I know always play. Where are y’all?

@"Frozen Wings"‌