The Official NFO thread for the NW! (Final Fantasy XIV)


read the title. ill update this when i get a roster :wink:

group page up on fb. join and post if interested. please no hate/spam. cuz i eat hate and spam.


Say goodbye to your social life :slight_smile:


game looks good, but isnt fun to play.
beta is lacking content. I got to level 10 hitting 1 button.


the fun is grouping with friends and doing quests together. anyways, if you do play, post up here what server youre on, so other people know which ones to join. there are already a bunch of people ive played with during beta on figaro


I canceled my CE preorder :\

I was super psyched up for it, but i didn’t want to have to buy a new GPU. Plus the beta was…lacking. I’ll wait for march or so to to roll around before i pick it up. Give the community some time


so, my gf fae, has had a ton of fun playing today on the first day, despite the over crowdedness.

figaro server was full, so we all joined on rabanastre. linkshell will be made soon.


Props for not making it another “we need more” thread. We need less of those.


Getting on tonight! I’m also trying to get some people on Rabanastre that I played with in ffxi


Reignus Ghrrk on Rab. I got a trial from a friend so I’m gonna be playing for a little haha
oh and im starting in Gridania cuz it looks cool, woo


bumping cuz standard edition comes out in 4 days.


I’ll see y’all in 6 months!


gettin’ on that PS3 too eh?


ps3 version is gonna be alot more refined than the pc version for the next 6 months. but you guys are gonna have a lot of catching up to do. i feel like im getting left behind because i wont start til this thursday


updated first post


finally got on!

Name: Messatsu Orochi
Rabanastre - Uld’ah

also, eric, Hyre Lynk, started a linkshell, Moogle Corps. so add him and get a holdof him for a pearl.


Damn my specs

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bumping with updates

so we have 3 potential tanks lvling. but in need of healers and magic DD’s. i honestly wouldnt recommend lvling thaumaturge atm, because skill gains are buggy in a party setting.

within srk, wr have: Me (messatsu orochi - pugilist)
Hyre (Hyre Lynk - Gladiator)
Mr. K (Gee Buttersnaps - ?)
Dusty Blastoise (Adra Jawesome -?)
Ghrrk (forget his name ;x)

the game is kinda broken right now, but im still having fun playing it. i have a bunch of other friends on the server and some people from my ffxi server playing too.


necro bump

gonna give this game round 2. huge patch update. looks like theyre heading the right direction. its still free, so try it out before using your new 40$ coaster


I tried it, I will have to try again cause I started to rage after 5min of playing :|!



epic announcement from SE!

good thing i have cataclysm to keep me occupied til then. oh and mvc3