The Official Offseason 2016-17 NBA Thread: Waiting for Preseason


Whelp, lets get to it folks. Some of the vets have fallen off, others just peek their head in every now and then.

Teams and their supporters:

[details=Spoiler]Below are a compiled list of current NBA teams along with posters who are fans of them

(Alphabetical order)
Atlanta Hawks - (Shinblanka, K4polo,<Insert Name Here>)
Boston Celtics - . (Maxx, SmoothViper, PBalla, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, DarkGeneral, ETEP1)
Brooklyn Nets -
Charlotte Hornets - (Unreallystic, locoghoul, Reiraku)
Chicago Bulls - (BullDancer, The Co-Jones, Reason4U, makmak!!!, Spycarnegy, Geese Pants, AKUMA2000, Gravity)
Cleveland Cavaliers - (The Purple Bunny)
Dallas Mavericks - (Terry_NB, Black Jesus, TornadoFlame, charlie88)
Denver Nuggets - (Mr. Noodle)
Detroit Pistons - S (Cool-Breeze, Kashiyukasthighs, DGod205)
Golden State Warriors - (Seta, Subt-L, Night, Morphiend, TheWholeFNshow, Etep1, Vestax)
Houston Rockets - S (AkumaTX, KnuckleifyouBuckley, GrimmJow316, KD Alpha, locoghoul)
Indiana Pacers- (Silver Rain 007)
Los Angeles Clippers - S (Robust)
Los Angeles Lakers - (KimTerran, Boom!, Eren, Thurst, Taito, Rockman X, FOBio, SadQuotes, Strike_Prime, KD Alpha, Amazing Funbags, Wil)
Memphis Grizzlies - (akumatrunigga, D.R.E.)
Miami Heat - (Geo, D’Nyc3, Ivy’s lover)
Milwaukee Bucks - (Arsenal,Spideyman)
Minnesota Timberwolves - (Gravity, The Co-Jones)
New Orleans Pelicans - (Geo)
New York Knicks - (Galactic, Black Chandler, debs, Mood4food77)
Oklahoma City - (KD Alpha, po pimpus)
Orlando Magic - (Satomiblood, BshidoHeat)
Philadelphia 76ers - (ViciousSLASH, CTG)
Phoenix Suns - (Psychoblue, Ivy’s lover, xEGAxBeastkingx)
Portland Trail Blazers -
Sacramento Kings - (BR3N7, a15kko, DukeC)
San Antonio Spurs - (ViciousSLASH, Weeks, DGod205)
Toronto Raptors - N (Mr.Noodle, BadMojo, just_prime)
Utah Jazz - (The Invincible Swordsman)
Washington Wizards - (Unreallystic)

The non-current teams and their supporters

Zombie Sonics - (Jae Hoon, cKrAzY, rcaido)[/details]

Retired Players


Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Chuck Hayes, Amare Stoudemire, Landry Fields, Sasha Kaun, Willie Green, Luke Ridnour, Mario West, Raul Lopez

Coaching Departures


Nets: Tony Brown >>> Kenny Atkinson
Lakers: Byron Scott >>> Luke Walton
Wolves: Sam Mitchell >>> Tom Thibodeau
Wizards: Randy Wittman >>> Scott Brooks
Pacers: Frank Vogel >>> Nate McMillan
Rockets: J. B. Bickerstaff >>> Pringles Mike D’
Knicks: Kurt Rambis > Jeff Hornacek
Kings: George Karl >>> Dave J
Magic: Scott Skiles >>> Fran Vogel

Free Agency Tracker


SI’s Top 100 player list


New Unis



Move me from Timberwolves to Cavs since I only followed either for Love in the Shower plz thx.

Official 2016 NBA Off-Season Thread: Westbrook staying in OKC for 3 more years. Confirmed MVP

I don’t understand Bucks trading for Beasley. They needed a guard after Middleton went down, so they traded for a forward?


They need someone who can Beasley right away.


Bucks in 4. Beasley going to carry them to a championship.


While my Nets suck, I have always looked forward to the Pistons. This year is gonna be DOPE.


Go Bulls…


Go Lakers…even though we might just make one of the dumbest trades so far. Clarkson for Okafor? Why…


Every year niggas forget to put me by my bulls, pls do that


Go Lakers :cry:

Looks like Bosh’s chances of playing in the NBA again is close to none after failing the Heat’s physical.


Subscribed! Let’s Go Warriors!


Raptors supporters need to check in and get their name added to the list. Used to be so many of us but we’ve gone extinct like our feathered ancestors.


Let’s go Rockets! Albeit we will be playing like Pokemon with the ability “No Guard”.


Damn, Kevin Garnett retired. Wow.

Vince Carter and Paul Pierce are the last of the 90s era.


Only 1 more left


Go Hornets!


What, I don’t think anyone’s falling off. Just wake me up when it’s almost Halloween.

In other sad news, Bosh still dealing with more blood clotting


Paul Pierce, Nowitzki & Vinsanity are the last OGs.


At this point do the heat hold out and hope or just start looking for a new PF…


This. Pre season and fun LG draft will get me back in here more regularly… Til then I’ll just use this board for actual fighting gm stuff…

Meanwhile, Grizzlies got new sexy alt unis a few weeks ago

I feel bad for Bosh… He wants to retire on his terms, but he might not have a choice :frowning: