The Official Offseason 2016-17 NBA Thread: Waiting for Preseason


All of them




Rose will injure his knee driving to the basket.

He will fall into Porzingas, breaking his leg.

Porzingas will fall into the backboard support, causing it to fall over and crush Noah.

Noah’s last gasp of air will be filled with the stench of his breakfast burrito and choke Lee.

As Lee struggles to breathe, he will run into Anthony, who will then fall into Spike Lee, and MSG explodes in a nuclear blast.

Knicks do not make the playoffs.


Knicks going be that team with hype and end up in Eastern Finals to lose to Lebron.
I predict them to go far though. Nevermind they get beat by the Hawks before that.


Half the Knicks team gonna be on IR before February. East still small potatoes… Lebron casually walks into the Finals again.


The 2022 HOF class will be a must watch. Duncan, Garnett and Kobe’s speeches should all be vastly different from each other.


Uhm yay…

I still cringe whenever I think wade and rondo can work together.


Or every time Rondo takes a jumper…


Rondo’s jumper ain’t that bad anymore.

It’s the “I’m not passing you the ball unless I can get an assist” style of play is more of the issue…


Welp, Pierce announced his retirement. This will be his last year.

Sheesh. What a summer.


You guys are lame. Today is media day around the league and this thread is dead, wtf.

Good. Now for JR Smith to sign elsewhere. Let the castle burn.


I’m depressed our best player is Loul Deng.


Yo, I really thought it was them for a second :rofl:

In other news, the Sixers looking to get in on the Esports:

As for the season, I’m most interested in seeing how the Knicks, Thunder, and Warriors end up. Those are going to be my most watched teams this yr.


In before the Sixers start tanking e-sports teams in the hopes of drafting Daigo.


That definitely looks like Lebron


As a Knicks fan we don’t belong in the same manuscript as those teams


Media day has always been kinda “eh” to me. Pics get taken… Reporters asking the same questions we been hearing all summer… Only this time they are asking them in person… The players giving the same canned stereotypical answers to them… We still don’t get to see any basketball be physically played for another month… It’s a damn tease …plus the Grizz always get shitted on… No coverage


Preseason starts this weekend.


*meaningful basketball


Technically, meaningful basketball doesn’t start until April. Nobody even worries about playoff seeding for 2-3 months.

Basketball is basketball, preseason or not. If you care about a team, you’re going to want to see what is different about players.