The Official Offseason 2016-17 NBA Thread: Waiting for Preseason


Wizards and Warriors are also getting in on the Esports.


Every Warriors game is basically going to be a snuff film.


Collect your W Agent Zero!!!


Anthony Davis grew another inch


I don’t think the Warriors are going to be as good as last season. Where is their rim protection?


I also feel like the Warriors could potentially disappoint. There’s a lot of talent but we’ve seen teams in the past with this much superstar talent fall short.


There’s never been a team with this much talent. 2 of the top 3 players in the league + best shooting backcourt of all time + a guy who was second in votes for Defensive Player of the Year. Let’s get real.

As far as rim protection, tbey have Javale McGee.


Yeah but Lebron is still the father to all of them.


Mike Brown is bad karma for them.

They ain’t winning shit.


I don’t like their bench depth this season, losing Barbosa hurts a lot. David West is 36 years old, Varejao hasn’t been the same since injuries, and Ian Clark is unproven. Andre Iguodala will be asked to do much more for the Warriors than in his previous seasons, and he’s turning older which is why we heard rumors of them flirting with a shumpert swap


West never relied on athleticism, his age hasn’t affected his game. There will always be a starter in the game, they won’t play like the last 2 years where the entire bench subbed in. And they still have Livingston, their most impactful sub because of his height advantage.

People been trying to come up with reasons all summer for why the team won’t be as good as predicted, and it just ain’t working.


LeBron is salivating at the prospect of shitting on this super team. He barely beat these dudes last year.

I don’t think he can again honestly. I see 2 years of GSW winning everything at least.

Durant historically has been owned by LeBron but with this stacked team KD will finally feel like he’s getting his. I think that was a huge factor in joining GSW, to finally get back at LBJ even if he had to stack the deck in his favor.




Malone was 40 and played for half the season. From what I remember, Payton was a shell of his former self. I don’t really think 04 Lakers and this year’s Warriors is a good comparison.


Comparing that Lakers team to this Warriors team is a joke. 2 stars and 2 washed players on the brink of retirement compared to 4 stars in their prime (with 2 MVP caliber players).

You would have to go back to Wilt/Jerry Lakers or some other 60s/70s stacked team to find something like this year’s Warriors.


When you have JaVale and Zaza you don’t need anyone else


Out of the top 10 shot blockers last season, only 4 of them made the playoffs. Rim protection doesn’t mean much anymore. Everybody is shooting outside shots.


I honestly don’t like the dubs expectations. I liked it when we were still underdogs, like back in 2012 draft lmao. It was sad but Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry were considered good, and DLee was our top PF who couldn’t move lateral or play D. Now we’re some mega team that’s still hard to fathom. People just want us to burn now.


This might be the first time the Sixers will actually attempt to be competitive in a long time. Everybody is healthy, they have vets like Jerryd Bayless and Gerald Henderson, and Simmons will make everyone better with his passing.


I agree not a good chance for the Cavs to repeat. GSW is way too strong.

The Hawks will sweep the GSW in the finals but otherwise GSW is unstoppable.