The *OFFICIAL* Old School vs. New School ST Team Challenge Thread - Nominations!

I posted this as an idea, and it seems like a lot of people were getting sweet on it, so I decided to actually hype and promote this event for EVO 2k5.

It’s come to my attention that there is a “great divide” of sorts between ST players today. First, there is the “Old School;” those players who played ST back in the day when it was new and popular, notable and legendary names.

Then, there is the “new school;” those players that were literally told for years they were “too young” to play ST. Yet, since we’ve hit the new millenium, there is an undeniable fact that these players have become consistently good at the game, and have placed in tournaments. These players include names like Justin Wong, Flash G, Ricky Ortiz, David Spence, Julian Robinson, and myself.

In the spirit of true competition, I present to all the OFFICIAL Old School vs. New School ST teams competition at EVO 2k5!

Ultimately, who will participate on the ST teams will be determined by who attends EVO, but I would like to get some preliminary ideas on who should be selected to participate on the teams.

My suggestions for nominations for the Old School Team:
Alex Valle
John Choi
Seth “S-Kill” Killian
Jason Wilson
Jason “Dirty Dog” Cole
Mike Watson
Jumpsuit Jesse
David Sirlin
Chris Li
Mike Creque
Henry Cen
with team captain suggestion of either John Choi or Mike Watson.

For the New School team:
Justin Wong
John “Flash” Gordon
Ricky Ortiz
Julian Robinson
David Spence
Phil “DSP” Burnell
David Spence (ok he’s been playing forever but he’s been placing recently!)
Philong “JetPhi” Nguyen
Mike Turner
Chris Doyle
David Doyle

Suggested team captains are Flash G and myself.

Of course, I’m sure a lot of the suggested players will not show up at EVO, but I think it’s still worth it to nominate those worthy. Post your thoughts and your nominations!

And before you ask, whats the prize? Well, fact of the matter is, most of us have been playing Street Fighter long before it was about money…this is about straight-up pride, and that’s enough of a prize for all of us.

Team OG: DirtyCole, Chizoi, Alex Valle, David Sirlin, Watts. Wrap it up.

Hey Phil do the Doyle boys even really play ST, I thought AE was there thing.

You listed Spence twice. I’m sorry but he just CAN’T qualify as New School. And I cant recall his total performance but he’s always placed high in the major tourneys for YEARS.

The Doyle brothers play ST. Their game has really stepped up from playing AE on Xbox.

I would like to nominate Buktooth for Team New School. Even though all he does is mash on st.Strong with Chun, he somehow wins…


DSP I dont really know how you will determine who is old and who is New. Lets take me for instance. I have been involved in the community with a.g.sf2 and #capcom since 97 and traveling for tournys since 98 for A3. But never placed at ST and only beacame good in the last year or so. would I be Old or New? Dont take this as me saying that I should be on either team. But if this does happen I would like a shot a t a seat.

One bar we can use is PreSRK and PostSRK. Or maybe even age. Since I grew up playing SF in arcades I am 28 now. Maybe any one under 25 should be NS an dover OS. I just cant see any perticular bar being set to determine it. Guess its all in the heart.

BTW. David Spence is Old School. Stop trying to pull players from OS to NS.

You know I was just thinking. Back in a.g.sf2 I made fun of Schafer for still playing SF at 27/28. I thought it was really funny back then. God look at me now. Im 28 working as a Loan Officer and balding. OMG Im just going to kill my self.

See you all at evo.

Spot me $50 please- I’m good for it!

PS- come to MWC you big sweaty gay.

Seth I was going to just jump on a plane the weekend of MWC and come. But I can not leav town. My office manager is going to be on vacation for 10 days. from saturday to sunday with me being the asst. mgr I can not leav town. :frowning:

Ill be at evo and you can own me with your chun.

jessie howard for old school

From previous tourney results, we pretty much know who’s the best of the best in Team Old School, but is there going to be some kind of tournament to determine Team New School?

P.S.: What about the format? I’d like to see 5-on-5 round robin, 2-out-of-3 matches.

what happened to Apoc :frowning:

This is definitely a nice idea. However, the wrong game was chosen. It should be HF over ST for this. If you really want to see how well New Skool fairs against the Old Guard, it should be done on true OG SF, not ST. I for one would be interested to see if Wong & Co. can give guys like Choi, Watson, and Apoc a decent battle on HF. That would be more intriguing then playing ST. On a related note, have Wong & Co. even played HF before?

it is a sad sad day that I must report this. Last night Apoc over dosed on Weed. And in his will his body was to be smoked by all his homies! The best I high I ever had.

Only a few belong on the old school list…and most aren’t even listed here. More like Middle school vs. New school.

Watson and Choi are mad Old school. Cole, too.

Still, “New school” doesn’t have a chance. $$$ needs to be put up.

Hmm can you you even beat half of that old school list? My money’s on no…

Huh? In ST, it’s anyone’s game at some point. In major tournaments, I’ve beaten: Watson, Choi, Apoc, Valle. They’ve also beaten me.

What’s your point? I thought this was “Old school” vs. “New school”?

Maybe you should check your facts first. BTW, this game is a decade old so it’s not that serious.

Actually, I’ve beaten more than half of the players on the Old school list here.

I’ll go through the entire New school list by myself and win.

Kleath, you should check your facts. Shirts has beaten the best players in the USA at ST, he’s the only one in the USA that can use O. Sim correctly and place top 3 in majors. Please go back to the sidelines, k thx.

As for new school vs old school, there is no arcade machine. Last arcade tourneys that have happened it was still the usual suspects winning. Justin beat Watson on console. Hardly a factor.

Also, “no one is really playing” anymore. You want old school? Thomas Osaki needs to be on there. Wes Truelson, Kris Grytebust, Omar Deloney, Jessie Howard, Jason Nelson, Jason Gonzales all need to be added…that is old school as well. But it needs to be on arcade, not console. Console is mad random and lucky.

is this even a serious argument?? cmon now, dont embarrass the children dsp, please. we all know whos who in the ST world. Arcade version of ST is a joke when you place og vs new school. They got mvc2 and what not. lets just keep it at that. btw, i own shirts, but hes hangs against everyone else :slight_smile:


Ha, you guys are forgetting the ultimate hotness. ST Old School vs New School, winning team plays ST Team Japan.

Now that’d be dope.

And you guys say they’re no arcades? Talk to Cigarbob about his Supergun cabinet. His shit’s legit. Last year DreamTR and Choi played on his sticks in final matches.

Too bad none of Japan’s ST players are going…:sad::sad::sad: