The Official Paradise MC Cthulhu support thread


If your modder doesn’t have a multimeter or the installation instructions (which we’ve already linked you to in another thread) then he has already failed.


My modder most likely has a voltage multimeter. I know he uses it to see if a signal carries accurately.

I just need to know the appropriate 4 “white cables”. I could describe them as “blue and white” and “green and white” but the other half of the stipe isn’t visible in the above picture.

I think my modder is smart enough to make an RJ45 female connected to the Cthulhu.

Heck, he can have a short-length RJ45 male on one end and disassemble the other end of a RJ45 cable and separate out the 8 cables, and put a double female RJ45 adapter after the intact RJ45 male end.

I’m going off the 3rd total post of this forum from @redijedi808.

Besides, based on what I saw in the video, all a multimeter would tell you is whether you have enough strength to have a “clean connection” It’s not going to tell you which wire is which for the purposes of connecting. The Cthulhu converts a discrete joystick into a system-coded signal, therefore knowing which wire corresponds to which hole is important, or else you’ll have a wrong signal.


It doesn’t matter what the colors are. He needs a multimeter to test the pins on the RJ45. Most of the time you use a male cable and a female to female pass through like a Neutrik NE8FDH. A multimeter in continuity mode will tell you exactly which pin goes to which wire, no guessing at all.

The pinout is very simple.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


That’s exactly what I was looking for. I saw the first picture, but only got half the information.

now I see the GABCDEFV corresponds with 12345678 on an RJ45. I know the colors of the wires might not be the same, butt his clears it up.

Thank you. Informing my modder now.


Out of curiosity: I think it’s great that you’re doing the research even though you’re not doing the physical modding (knowing how things work is always important), but why isn’t your modder doing the research themselves?
I’ve done modding and commission work for some locals, and I’d find it very weird if my client was the one doing the research for me.


3 reasons.

  1. I was doing unconventional things with my joystick like having a single gorund to each individual controller, which bconmes necessary when you have both a 2-common system like Edladdin’s Coleco Retro PCB and a flexable button defining system. He wasn’t sure if I was reinventing the wheel of if this was common.

  2. He tried it before with the USB Female to RJ45 aapter, and it didn’t quite work right. I said there was a way to hard solder the RJ45 to work on all systems designed with that in mind. And I have all the adapters for it made for it…

Turbo Grafx 16 problems

(except the TurboGrafx 16 one, which I bought, and it wouldn’t fit. Arcade Shock’s owner wasn’t sure if he had a TurboGrafx 16 or PC Engine, so he kind of listed it as both. Now he can properly advertise he has PC Engine cables and go to to pic up a PCE->TG16 cable. But since I ordered it before he found out and made the correction, and since the two adapters is cheaper than discrete wiring a read TG16 pad plus the labor to solder it, and he doubts he’ll get enough interest in the TG16 model, he’s sending me enough money to buy a PCE->TG16 adapter on

… but wasn’t sure of the order. I first looked in the PDF on the MCCthulhu and it said nothing I understood. Then I checked this site, and searched for RJ45 Cthulhu wiring, and found this page, so I looked above and found the picture whihc gave me 4 colroed wires and 4 white wires, I knew I got some of the information. And since I’m not shy and he has my joystick to work on in, I just asked. I didn’t want to assume it was a straight-line easy one-to-one set up unless I knew more. Loking back, that arrangement makes sense.

  1. he was busier during the Street Fighter IV scene. For the most part he moved on, but he’s doing this for me because we agreed it was partially both our faults for not conveying the system right.

But maybe that was a good thing because RJ45 PCBs weren’t invented when Street Fighter IV came out yet. Now I’m doing more systems for cheaper by turning 8 soldering jobs (PS2/PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, SNES, TG16, NES, Xbox Prime, GameCube) into one.

By the way I have a PS2->Xbox 360 adapter, a PS2-> Wii Classic adapter and a PS2-> Xbox One adapter. There might be a good chance that plugging in the PS2 adapter and hoking those adapters MIGHT work. If they work, then I’ll just get a Hori Switch pad hacked for Switch Street Fighter. If they don’t work, then I’ll later buy a universal fight board, and get 360, One, Wii U, and Switch all working. (Though I’m not sure what to do about the original Wii if the PS2-> Wii Classic doesn’t work. Tatsunoco Vs. Capcom and other digital games might not work without the Wii Classic adapter. Anyone know of either an RJ45-> Wii Classic, or some other way to get Wii games working with a fight stick?)

And I have a Raphnet GC->N64 adpater. I assume the best thing to do is to use the GameCube RJ45 control plug and plug that into the Raphnet device. Then we’ll see if Killer Instinct Gold and Mortal Kombat Trilogy work fine with this setup or not.


I’ve got a bit of a weird issue. I mainly use a PS2 with my board and it was working fine for a while. Now my PS2 doesn’t recognize the board anymore. I’ve remade multiple cables as a test and none work. I can confirm the PS2 still recognizes other controllers and the board works with my PC, dreamcast, wii, etc.

Anyone else run into this PS2 problem?


Have you tried re-flashing the firmware? Sometimes it can ‘corrupt’.



Never heard of that one, was that ever an issue in the past?


Did you try the 2nd player port to see if it has the same issue there?


Yes, it’s happened to me and customers of mine before where the MC Cthulhu and Kitty boards would suddenly stop being recognised, though a re-flash would fix it.


That’s really odd, I wonder why it would corrupt like that? For you and your customers, was it always PS2 only? If that’s the case, that’s interesting because out of all those consoles the PS2 is one of the few supplying less than 5V. I wonder if that’s related.


I just tried that and had no luck. I used the firmware from this post Am I missing something in connecting the MC Cthulhu?

@PAS.Timothy I did, still not being recognized. I even tried on a completely different PS2.


From memory I only had and heard problems relating to the PS3 and PS2, but yeah… sometimes the firmware would just conk out and need repairing. No idea what would cause such a thing but re-flashing was a reliable fix.

Sorry it’s not working in this instance : (



You still have the USB jack on the board? Can you try connecting a USB cable to it and plug the USB into the PS2’s USB slots, in addition to the normal PS2 cable connector. I’m wondering if there is a power failure and it can’t get enough, so the USB will also supply power by adding a low voltage to it. The other consoles like the DC supply 5V and the board is working on those. With the normal controller cable and an extra USB cable you should get that 5V. If it still fails then it’s unrelated to inconsistent power and I have no idea what’s going on.


I just tested that and it didn’t work either :frowning: Thanks for the support.



I’ll test your board once I get it in the shop and probably send out a replacement for you unless you’d prefer a refund. Let me know.


It’s too bad that there’s no support from Toodles on the MC Cthulhu anymore.

I remember him saying a long while ago that he couldn’t fit Wii Classic Controller onto it due to space restrictions; and I was ok with it back then since there was GameCube support and we could use the GameCube ports on the Wii.

Nowadays, Wii CC support would be awesome to have because of the popularity of the NES and SNES Classic consoles. I’d gladly have some of the more uncommon platforms cut out (Turbografx, 3DO) in favor of Wii CC…

Oh well, the dream. :slight_smile:


Well, there was the Pii Wii board for a while.

Also the way some of the TG16/PCE games are, they don’t like the MC Cthulhu.
I am here hoping for some modern TG16/PCE support in the future.

At least Brooks is making a combo Genesis/PCE adapter.


Yeah, I remember the PiiWii. Although my main point was that it was too bad Toodles couldn’t fit the PiiWii code into the MCC.

I never got any back in the day, but I wouldn’t mind a couple of PiiWiis now for my NES/SNES Classic Editions. I have a few 3P Wii CC padhacks sitting around, but you can’t beat the compact formfactor of a custom PCB.


I’m having trouble getting the RJ45 connection to work.

I soldered a cat 5 ethernet cable (t-568b) to the GABCDEFV points following this diagram:

I tested continuity between the solder points and the male RJ45 plug and everything looked good.

I created two cables: an RJ45 to USB, and an RJ45 to Dreamcast following these diagrams:

Continuity tested both cables, and again everything looked good.

I flashed the MCC board with cthulhu.2.3.1ms.hex and that seemed to work as well:

Fired up the Dreamcast to play some Soul Calibur and it didn’t work. I tried both the P1 and P2 ports and the Dreamcast was not recognizing at all.

Next I tested it on my Win 10 PC and Rasberry Pi using the RJ45 to USB cords. Again, nothing.

The board itself seems to work otherwise. When I plug it into my PC using the USB cable, it seems to recognize it just fine in the Game Controllers interface and all the buttons and joystick directions register just fine:

Any suggestions for what to try next?