The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399


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Ps4 and xbox one already outdated?
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Nothing about the highly-likely price drop to $199 soon?


Bleach Soul Resurrection (name change, I guess? It was “Soul Ignition” before) is coming… YESSSSS

From that and the few youtube vids I see online, the only thing I don’t like so far is the serious lack of variety in the screams of enemies that are getting killed… it seems like there’s just 2 or 3 recordings of 1 guy screaming, and they use that for all the low-level chumps you kill throughout some of the levels… Example (Barragan!!!): Notice all the times you hear that “WUAAAAHHHH!” death scream from those guys…yeah, we might have to put that on mute.


Your post is the first I’ve heard of it. Will update thread now.


good job. lets get this going…


Can’t believe UC3 beta is just 3 days away. Can’t wait for it.

Also, got 3 extra months of PS+ and that Sonic 20th Bundle.


Dark Souls for games on the horizon, please.


Finished Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty. I remember people saying it was short, but damn that was extremely short. Fun game though, I definitely want to try and grab Tools for Destruction and A Crack in Time now.


I once again would like to recommend for Action RPG+Hack and Slash fans that Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll is a decent game. It’s 60+ hours long, and one of the characters can put 50-foot giants into an arm-lock. Oh and one of the abilities you learn is GEN’EI JIN.
EDIT: UC3 beta is soon? Anyone know the size of the beta will be?


Thanks for putting the new thread together, superwhite :slight_smile:


While I don’t really mind adding the opinion that WD is the best drive you can get (as long as it’s listed as opinion, which you have covered :tup:), I think you should ensure that the essentials are in place as well.

I.E., make sure that people know that any brand 2.5" SATA drive will work, and that all is needed is a Phillips-head screwdriver to make the change. That information may be included in the videos, but with todays users, nobody is going to watch through them to find out something like that - they’re just going to ask in here instead. Whether it is hard disk drive/solid state drive/hybrid drives, 7,200/5,400 RPMs, 8mb/16mb/32mb cache etc. will all function within the PS3.

Also, it is probably worth mentioning that some people have said that there are noticeable gains with a drive with higher RPMs. One source:

Also, there are noticeable gains again when going from from HDD to SSD, one source here:

Great work again. :party:

edit: Also, are you considering adding an “EXCLUSIVE” flag on the games that are exclusive? Or perhaps breaking them out into their own sub-category? That is a question that is asked very often - “what are some suggest exclusives?” - in both this thread and the 360 one, so I think it may be worthwhile.


Dat title. Why do you torment me SWBeta?


I saw that and was like “YESSS NEWS OF ZOE!” :lol:


Well at least we’re getting a HD collection for now lol. Can’t wait for that.


The second week of U3 beta, I’ll be nowhere with internet access…damn.


Good points, Rampage. I’ll edit the op as necessary when I get home. Gomu, it’s okay. The title torments me too. Kojima needs to rectify this 'mistake. ’


I’d like to recommend Vanquish for the list of recommended games, as well as Anarchy Reigns for games on the horizon.


Well, after doing a lot of digging and trying everything under the sun to get my HDMI signal back, I’m moving to the last resort: reformatting the hard drive. What a royal pain in the ass. Apparently, even the quick format won’t fix this particular problem, only the extremely long (18 hours in my case) one will. And all for a petty firmware update.


Where did you get information that this would resolve your issue? Firmware is not stored on the hard drive, and neither are system settings like video output as far as I know, so I’m kinda doubtful that it will work… :S

Also, I’ve upgraded my 80gb fat and my 120gb slim without any similar issues. What model do you have? Are there other places you’ve found that have pointed to this update being the cause of the issue you’re having?


People posting comments on the firmware update thread on the official blog seem to be having similar and other problems after the update. Someone there said that reformatting fixed their problem, but I did a lot of searching on the net before actually starting the reformat and It seems this has happened to some other people after past updates. And from what I’ve read, unless you simply have a bad cable, which I don’t, a full reformat is the only way to fix it. I also had a friend at work last night tell me that’s what he had to do about a year ago when his HDMI stopped working all of a sudden. My model is the 40GB LE MGS4 console.

Maybe it isn’t the update, but that’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done on my PS3 in a week and right after is when it quit working. Also, there was a thread I found on the official forums from back in 08 where like 15 different people had this happen right after a new firmware. Seems weird to me too, but whatever, I just hope it works.