The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399

How can I forget Yu Suzuki the dude is on the level of Shigeru Miyamoto,Hideki Kamiya and Hideo Kojima. Honestly though he is my personal favourite since he was behind most of the arcade tech we see today as well as all these innovative and ground breaking games:

the truth



When the internal battle within rages on, only one thing can cleanse the soul.

Lighting bolt action

Mad brah?

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to the people who have ni no kuni, is this game worth it?

after getting screwed over for the wizard edition, i tried to find a store that has it and luckily it’s a gamestop near my work.

but i tried getting the guide and ordered from 5 places only to have 3 of them cancel on me.

bestbuy said my guide was cancelled, then i got another email saying it was ready for pick up again :wtf:

I didn’t say that they are not capable of doing good games, i said that they always find a way to fuck it up.

The game is on the PSN store, or do you want the retail version?


Most of the people here on SRK are having similar problems. I would just like to mention a digital copy is available on PSN but I wouldn’t recommend it for such a big RPG.

i wanted a physical copy of the game.

dont know if you saw my last post, but i’m having issues with credit cards magically showing up attached to my psn account (that dont exist/ dont belong to me but have my name)

No i didn’t saw it, sounds weird :rofl:
Well, if by any chance you decide to get the digital version, you can always try to buy it using a PSN card instead

Ni no Kuni is worth it. Its fucking amazing.

Just found my cancellation email in my junk folder. So mad I don’t even feel like buying the game anymore. The only thing that can help now is some lightning bolt action.

I like how everyone is so starved for another traditional, turn-based JRPG that they’re buying that Koonie game. You guys should invest in a DS/PSP if you want to play JRPG’s. Or, play the Souls games, because they’re the only RPG’s out of Japan this gen that really matter.

Or play for free, because Action RPG’s > turn-based JRPG’s.

Dat shit got gems? Oh Fuuuuuuuck no.

Ni No Kuni isn’t a typical turn based RPG it has the semi-free roaming mechanic that FF12 has. There are times when games have a story,theme & message strong enough to allure people to play it regardless of their bias. I’m not into turn based RPG’s anymore but it’s undeniable that Ni No Kuni > a lot of games today. The battle system seems really fun and one could argue it’s the closest thing we are getting to a current gen Pokemon with those creatures you can catch and raise. I’m surprised at Nintendo so hesitant to release a real Pokemon RPG on console. I guess since the handheld versions sell like hot cakes at the same price tag when compared to console games why make something that takes a bigger budget? Anyway Ni No Kuni looks hot and if I had the money I’d get it for sure. For now though I have to feed into Rising.

LOL @ your sig.

luckily i was able to get some overtime AND double time this week and last week as well.

gamestop has really pulled through for me these last couple months though. i was able to get the both ni no kuni and the guide and preorder the lamp edition of mgr+art book from them.

ever since i got persona 4g a couple weeks ago, i’ve been on a jrpg craze.

Another turn based RPG coming out this year is South Park: The Stick of Truth. Combat is said to be similar to the Paper Mario series and is written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I imagine the game will be like watching an 8 hour South Park movie with interactive RPG gameplay in between. I’ve been wanting a new South Park movie since Bigger, Longer & Uncut so I’m looking forward to playing this one.

Still waiting on word for P4G port to console. I’m guessing Sony was desperate to save the dying Vita and paid Atlus to make it platform exclusive but it’s just a matter of time before the inevitable happens (Vita dies and P4G ends up on PS3). Speaking of Atlus, give us some news on Persona 5 already. We know it’s in the works but that’s about it. How about releasing a screenshot of one of the game’s characters? That’s all I ask.

That’s cuz it’s not a tactical espionage game. It’s a LIGHTNING BOLT ACTION! game.

I eat nails for a light snack. Cut em up with my chainsaw arm! >:(

I have Ni no Kuni. It is JRPG crack cocaine in it’s most potent form.

Being Sega, they would have Relic do the fusion dance with another development studio under their wing as a way to cut down on costs.

Bayonetta is coming to PSN @ $20.

I don’t like sexualized protagonist, but I’ll try and enjoy playing this anyway since people love it. Metal Gear Rising will be played first though. :smiley:

If you want to play Bayonetta get a 360.