The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399

I have a feeling the next Persona is going to be multi plat but I dont care, I just want another Persona

Also, late but the ps3 is finally outselling the 360. Let us rejoice fanboys and girls…let us rejoice…

Wow even VGChartz has updated the stats.

Damn, I have never bought 2 games at once before… but this year, Xillia and Dragon’s Crown come out on the same day. So hype, reminds me of the Saturn days when my bro use to buy multiple games at once.

Yea I noticed that also the other day. I actually wish Dragons Crown came out a month later so I can play through SMTIV and Xillia first

1-4, 4-1, and 3-2 down. Feeling like the man now. Warding sure helped.

Is it worth leveling up my strength and dex to use the Dragonbrandt sword? Just grabbed that off the old king.

It depends on your character tendency… The Demonbrandt is meant for a Pure White Tendency character. Your character tendency is indicated by the orb next to your life bar.

Anyway, there’s a thread for this already and it would be better if you asked your questions there.

about to upgrade to a 500gb hdd on my 60gb ps3. Wish me luck bruvs!

Demon Souls had better bosses than Dark Souls.

Bout to start DMC2 on the DMC collection. Hearing its the worst of the 3, what makes it so bad?

Slow boring gameplay, boring environments, boring bosses.

Cool Dante design, cool soundtrack and introduces elements that would be staple in later games, but thats all the good to it.

Also upgrade the guns.

Play it. It will quickly become apparent.

It worked, HUZZAH!!!

swords and overall combat is slow. Guns are OP. Its an overall forgetful game.

Demon’s Souls had some hard normal enemies, too. Those fucking samurai skeletons, fucking cthulhu magicians who’d literally eat your face like they were on bath salts, fucking giant troll things who can swat you off of ledges with a single hit causing a one-hit K.O. as well as eating away 1/2 of your stamina bar if you block their hit, the fucking grim reaper. Bosses were definitely more memorable and difficult in Demon’s Souls VS Dark outside of the Ornstein and Smough fight.

Once you had knowledge of how to fight these enemies though, they became easy to fight outside of groups. Same thing with Dark.

No boss in both games can fuck with the False King. Dude leveled me down with one of his attacks and took away stats I needed to a point where I couldn’t roll correctly anymore. I had to change equipment mid-fight to be able to roll again. That was crazy to me and is one of my more memorable moments in gaming.

Levels 4-X and 5-X are out to kill you with extremely annoying normal monsters and an even more annoying environment. One wrong step, block, or roll can lead to your death.

Saints Row 3 is okay. I mean, the gunplay, driving, & graphics are all sound. But for an open world game, I think it has a staggering lack of diversions and disappointing variety of side missions. Survival rounds & escort missions are as basic as you can get, & many of the landmarks in Steelport may as well be Monopoly porperties considering you can’t interact much more with them (a casino where I can’t gamble :sad:).

Right now I tried to model my guy after Frank West as best I could, & toggle the zombies cheat on & off every now & then. If said cheat didn’t prevent vehicles (even parked ones) from spawning, I’d probably play through the whole game with it on.

I think at this point, volition would be better off making zombie games, I think with their sense of humor we could have a dead rising esque game with a bunch of replay ability.

What you do? Did you just simply swap the hard drives? I’ve never done something like this.

Yeah, popped the cover, unscrewed 5 screws, popped out the old one, put the new one in, screwed it in place and placed it back in. fairly easy, but i def could see how some people could strip the screws. glad i was careful with that part.

Installed my 500 GB a while ago, But damn Don’t it feel good to be able to have save data and not have to weigh between what you have to delete?

Everyone already covered the bad points of DMC2, but you can take solace in the fact that it is not DmC…

[size=1]Yes, I still have hate in my heart at Capcom and Ninja Theory for fucking up the series[/size=1]

I clutch my chest like Sagat everytime I think of that abomination…