The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399


‘Photo Mode’ stuffs be like:



PS4 External USB Drive Loading Time Tests - Upgrade Options Compared!



Way too pricey for a game that’s OK at best



Senko no Ronde 2 - opening movie

Gameplay Videos

Lev LeFanu

Beak Chang Po

Fabian the Fastman

Mika Mikli


Yooooo Senko no Ronde 2? Fuckin tight


So it’s a shmup fighter?

I youtubed it briefly and that’s what I gathered. Looks dope.

Care to give some insight?


That really is the best way to explain it. Both characters, instead of melee attacks have shots of various patterns that are executed with different motions. Take a hit and you take some damage. There’s different types of shots all with different properties including some that erase other shots, some that home in, some that are slow but persist for a long time or have wide spread, etc., etc. There is a melee system though I honestly forget how it works, I’ve only played Senko like once or twice, but I’ve played other indie games based on the same concept. You also have a super meter but instead of a big attack it basically makes you a shmup boss. It generally doesn’t actually guarantee you much damage, but it does nearly guarantee at least some damage, and damage taken while in BOSS mode doesn’t effect your life bar, plus you get a little health boost in some situations.

It’s similar to Virtual On in that there’s a lot of timing and setup shots. You’re not really aiming but trying to put them in situations where they must take damage while avoiding those situations yourself


Windjammers closed beta for PS4 coming…


Nex Machina - Co-op Trailer


Senko no Ronde 2 on a region free console?


Getting my ass to amiami an pre-ordering that shit with the quickness, waited too fucking long for this and that Touho game didn’t even come close to scratching that itch.


The Lost Child - teaser trailer


Kind of like the OST…


Fallen Legion gameplay - The MIX at GDC 2017 livestream

1:27:57 to 1:50:07


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA - Opening Movie (PS4, PS Vita, Steam)



I am so buying that one


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - ‘Gambit System’ Trailer

FF XII:TZA - ‘Get to Know It in 120 Seconds’ trailer, part two


Raiden V: Director’s Cut - Announcement Trailer