The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399

Noticing that in U3 when you start Multiplayer and search for a match, there’s a new forest stage background your character stands in front of…coming soon for MP?

If you’ve never played ICO and haven’t bought the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection then… wtf is wrong with you?

Friend works at Walmart and he says the’re going to sell it for $28 on Black Friday.

I work for walmart also and did not see this deal, and the walmart ad has been out…

Im in a similar situation.

saw that list but nothing has been confirmed at all with my job.

and yes, I work BF, 8am-4pm.

Also, best music track in U3:


Holy shit that theme is fantastic, come on ND, release that Update patch already X3

Anybody in here got a spare Villain Pack UMvC3 DLC voucher? Despite advertising to the contrary, Canadian Best Buys never got them in, and were never supposed to.


Daxter: This place has too much excitement. We need to move back to the country."

Less than a day! MY BODY IS READY

Gonna crank out levels on U3 online tonight. I might stream some Peace Walker HD.

And FUCK whichever one of you is RainbowFlowers or whatever that tag is. I know you post in here, you troll. :mad:

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@hatred edge. add me for kof: pongzilla
anyone else playin kof, feel free to add me.

cant believe toys r us broke street date. gotta wait til tom. for amazon.



It wasn’t me, it was the one armed man.

I actually no idea idea what’s going on.

That works out for me perfectly. I never touched sly cooper and i bought that collection and I barely touched the Jak and Daxter games. So this is even better.

I’m East Coast and you’re West. I don’t have faith in the netcode to that degree but sure. Let’s give it a shot. Keep in mind I’m not playing anyone/going online until late night Tuesday and Wednesday. Need to practice first.

Keep in mind that Jak 2 and 3 are VASTLY different from 1; not like how the Sly games are.
Differences between Jak and 2 & 3


Jak 1 is a platformer, whereas 2 and 3 are action adventures with an open world.

The visuals back on the PS2 were pretty good so they should look spectacular on PS3 with the HD upgrade.

I’ve 100%ed all the Jak games so I’ll pass on the HD collection. Still hype that it’s in development, though. :tup:

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Let me know if you’re gonna be at the arcade today, troll. Might stream a full mountain run of SSX3 for your patrons.

Which reminds me… I’ve been forever stuck at 98% completion in SSX3. I’m missing like 3 of the money pickup icons. I’ve scaled all routes everywhere multiple times. Never was able to find them…

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