The OFFICIAL Pokemon thread ver 2.5

rule on how to battle (thanks to chopa for this):

-no ubers (list of uber here:
-Sleep clause, YOU can only put to sleep one of the opponents pokemon, does not include opponents sending their own to sleep with rest
-Evasion ban, moves like minimize/double team/sand attack are banned, items like bright powder and lax incense are ok
-Species clause, no more than one of a pokemon on a team (no 2x gengar or whatever)
-OHKO ban, no fissure/guillotine/sheer cold/horndrill

tell me if I left something out

ok here it is…a whole new thread with all codes…(if you have a new code let me know and Ill update this post with it)

also if anyone here is on shoddy send that info on here and we’ll have a second list for that!

Infernoman - 4682 4937 3273

White shadow - 0945 8723 3490

**Arcade Fire - 4768 4536 1000 **

Chopa - 0301 6273 4857

Fir - 3651 7538 0781

Guru - 4854 4284 5926

Seiken Enhasa - 5455 6097 8648

Magnifico - 2406 2611 4993

Fuzzy Snugs - 5326 8019 6217

**KING - 4081-2834-7870 **

LoLoGalaxy - 0859 9778 5813

**dodgers2213 - 2578-9891-1365 **

**Broken Loose - 1847 8976 8566 **

LovePig87 - 5069 0482 7753

**EveryFlowerFlow -

(PEARL) 3522 9962 7897
(Diamond) 0387 7681 4140**


Plat - 4898 2559 5128
Diamond - 1462 2830 9036

Sometimes I wonder if CPU in the battle tower rooms (100 Trainers) set up teams that completely dominate yours. For instance, I got 50 wins with this team


Then CPU gives me…


The ? is because I didn’t make it that far. To make matters worse, they gave Lapras thunderbolt. Yeah, they REALY don’t want me to get that black trainer card :frowning:

I have an EV training question…

Do pokemon gain ev’s when they wear they hold the exp share?

And if they do, and the pokemon doing the fighting has on a macho bracer, will they share the doubled ev’s? or will the exp share just give them base evs the wild pokemon give?

1st one, yes they both gain EVs.
Second question no, only the one with the macho brace will double EVs, but i’m not sure, sounds weird that both gain doble EVs :looney:

yep, exp share distributes EVs. if the lead poke is holding a macho bracer tho, only that poke’s ev points will be doubled; the exp share poke will only get the base amount of evs for the battle. good luck with this shit man, im ev training my 3rd and 4th pokes right now and i ALWAYS seem to lose count, or forget something important during the course of my ev grind, so none of my shit is completely correct. also, i was screwin around at sunnyshore yesterday trying to figure out who all of my party had max EVs and i was surprised that my lvl 63 migrated kyogre did not have his shit maxed out. i’ve killed a lot of shit with my kyogre. could this mean that migrated pokes automatically have their EVs reset to 0?

I think so. When I get past the Tower tycoon I usually run into a team that can dominate mine…no matter who I have in it. Shit gets annoying especially since you can see the loss coming from a mile off.

EV question. How many EV points can I have per level? Like Can I fight 5 gastly’s then go out and fight normal pokemon and level up would that screw up the EVs?

I’ve never had an increase of more than +8 to a stat, but IIRC you can still get more EVs than that

@Ronin- kyogre rapes shit anyways, so probably not

Sidenote: I was thinking since we just got a new thread, why not commemorate with a tournament?
I’ll work on organizing it, if we can get some people interested

So If I fight 8 Gastly’s then go level up I’ll get the +8 to sp atk instead of whatever the other pokemon would give?

If anyone wants to add me my code is 5326-8019-6217. Name Snugs.
My team in not fully EV trained yet so not really going to battle.

What I do is, I train one stat for one pkmn at a time, and everytime i gain an ev i i add one to the counter on my poketch. that way i can even save and come back to it.

Well I have a note book I got from school for 50 cents and I write down all of my EV information in it.

Hey Infernoman, update my friend code!

My worst Battle tower experience so far:

Some time ago, I faced a Crawdaunt with Quick Claw. Quick Claw activates 3 consecutive times and Guillotine hits 3 consecutive times, wiping out my entire team :rolleyes: :annoy: :annoy:

I calculated the odds of that happening:
Quick Claw activates 10% of the time, so: .1x.1x.1=.001

Guillotine has 30% accuracy, so:.3x.3x.3=.027

.001+.027=.028 **

There is only a 2.8% chance of that happening and sure enough it happened!** I can’t stress this enough - BRING A POKEMON WITH THE STURDY ABILITY.

Glad to see I’m not the only one noticing this. I had to give my Gengar Destiny Bond because Hypnosis always seems to miss when I need it. Everytime I beat Tower Tycoon they give me a team in which nothing I do works well enough to win.

I once had 10+ EV defense from fighting Graveler, I think you can fight a bunch of EV pokes and go level up elsewhere and still get the bonuses. How will the tourney be ran? Is it just matches on wifi via day?

Nope. Every 4 EVs give +1 to the stat boost. 8 Gastly would give you +2 in Sp.Atk.

I’m confused. :confused:

Okay so if I had a level 99 pokemon with no EVs.

I went and fought 126 Golducks @ 2 spatk EV

That’d give me +63 to sp.atk. Now if those golducks didnt level me up and I go off and fight Rhydons would I get my perfect 252 sp.atk EV? Or would it be screwed up due to the Rhydons?

I ran into that thing once, that thing is a ANNOYING bitch! You notice how when quick claw activates it’s ALAWYS gullotine!?! But when it doesn’t activate it does something like Aerial Ace:rolleyes:

This is why I hate those BT rooms, but I want that black card so badly. :frowning:

Your pokemon will keep the EVs they’ve earned. Once you got the EVs in a stat, the only way to remove them is to feed your pokemon certain berries. If you fought Rhydon (or whatever pokemon) to level up, make sure you’ve completed your EV training before doing so to avoid getting EVs in a stat you don’t want. Go to the market in Sunyshore and a woman will award your pokemon an Effort ribbon if your EV training is complete.

Also there’s the ‘box trick’. Just deposit your pokemon in the PC Box and withdraw it. You’ll see the changes in its stats.

Now that you mention it, you’re right. Damn Nintendo/Game Freak. I declare HAX.:arazz:

I was thinking, once I get a Black Card, where will I go from there? Maybe I’ll give the Wifi Battle rooms another go :wonder:

  • …lies.My friend code. I had it there in the other thread. TRAVIS WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL HIM MY CODE?! Where’s my FC? Why are you lying? * bangs screen*
    Why are you lying? * bangs screen*
    Why are you lying? * bangs screen*
    $%)$%(_$^$^$%$%()@$#@(* bangs screen*
    You think that’s funny?!

…just kidding. I’ll go get mine. I had it in the other thread.

  • Alright, so I found one of the Exp Shares. Does anybody know about the other one or more if there is another one?

  • How do I evolve to Machamp from Machoke?

Guru - ok updated man! :tup: