The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!

I figured we need a place for everyone to post their Arcade Cabinets. Custom Built, MAME Machines, Cocktails, Straight from the arcade, Whatever!!!

I’ve seen some really nice cab’s here, but it’s hard to find them all.

I’ll start.

This is my Dynamo 20" Street Fighter 2 Cab. Currently houses a PS2 with hacked DS1 pads under the CP.

Up next is my Current WIP. It’s a vewlix style cab using T5’s as a CP. This should be done in a few weeks.

Last is my MAME setup. Usually going for high scores in Donkey Kong. Had to build the CP from scratch. Pretty Stoked about how it came out.

Alright all, let’s see some Cabs!!!

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nice cabs i wish i had 1 just a hss-0130 lol

nice SF2 cab. I am still kicking myself for not buying my friend’s mint SF2 machine for $150.

I got one from a local arcade that was going out of business after I graduated high school for $200 :bgrin:

The funny part is, I’m sure I spent well over $200 in quarters just playing SFII previous to that :blush:

I don’t think I’ve spammed this since adding new iL parts and cleaning it up a little. It has a TV in there before I am teh poor. I have it wired up for a PS2/Xbox1/Xbox 360. I primarily play shmups and old fighters/beat-em-ups on it.

Pay no attention to the HSS-0130 on the floor. :lol:

Love that Cab man. I’ve always wanted an SNK cab. Maybe that will be next for me :slight_smile:

I’ll have to take a pic of mine. It’s nothing fancy, at all. Just a Neo-Geo in a standard black cabinet. But I dig it. Been trying to sell it forever, but I just can’t seem to find the heart. :stuck_out_tongue:

My build has been going on for a long, long time. It’s being painted now, so Im hoping to have the finished product next week.

Custom Vewlix Quest

I’ve been watching your Vewlix build and love it.

I think theres about 4 of us all building one at the same time now…

I want a candy cab so bad… would love it if someone posted them.

A shot of the my nearly fully restored trio of MVS cabs at the soon to open Temple Games in Pawtucket, RI. Only thing left to replace is the EL panels on the Revision 1 4 slot to the right. All original carts. No boots or multis here. These things get a lot of use, and are well cared for. :slight_smile:

Here’s my current cabinet, good ol’ Astro City. Currently has an Ibara PCB inside, but I also have a SCART-JAMMA adapter so I can use it with my consoles as well.

Nice lookin’ Astro! Very clean, and a sharp monitor too. I may be picking up a Blast City locally soon if I can find a place to put it. :slight_smile:

Love those SNK Cabs Evewalker. So jealous.

just wanted to say this is an awesome thread! keep it up guys. I’ll be building one soon and integrating the front bezel and control panel to an astro city cab into it.

Oh good lord I’m going to have to stay away from this thread or I’ll burst… I’ve wanted a cab since I was about 8! I might start building one, but it’s going to look like steaming hot crud compared to these beauts.

My competition cab with SFII:CE

My Aero City Cab w/MSHvSF (currently I have my XvSF board in)

Sweet submissions to this thread, loving the vewlixes(plural? lol) i’m seeing. Keep the pics coming everyone.