The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


I like the MvSF japanese version more…I cant believe i sold mine awhile back, im starting to collect CPS2 fighters…All i need is Vampire Savior, MvC, & MvSF & i should have all the classics.


For now, with a Naomi 2 mobo inside.


Anyone have some good suggestions on where I can ind some decent seats to line up well with a candy cab? I can’t seem to find anything worthwhile locally in stores around me. Doesn’t really need to be padded or fancy or anything like that, just something not too expensive and at a good height.


Sears has some adjustable black barstools, if you can deal with the Craftsman branding. They are about $40 each.


There’s a large thread about this on Arcade Otaku you should read.
I’d link but I’mnot in position to do so atm

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Finally got around to putting in the last couple of little touches to my custom cabinet a few weeks ago.
So consequently, finally got around to taking/editing some additional pictures. Here are the details.


FrankCastleAZ: I think I found what you’re talking about but that’s a bit too fancy for what I’m looking for. Plus they’re in UK, which doesn’t help me - I’m in the southwest U.S.

sying: I’ll check those out. Probably too high for my candy cabs but it may be good for the American woody style I just picked up. Thanks.


Get some “Jeff” from Ikea. They are cheap, and have back support for longer gaming sessions.


i would love t get a candy or a viewlix but i live in ohio and shipping is expensive (also college does not help in the money being available)


I have and use the same ones, although it can feel a bit flimsy. get chair pads while you’re at it.


Great cabinets!

A quick question, does anyone know what the wait time is currently on a “Kraylix” cab?


I like how clean you have it on the inside. You should probably go further and front-mount that mini amp so you can control your volume without reaching in.


Just got this beast in the game room… My back is killing me! Traded a friend a cab for this.

Not a Tekken fan at all, but I got some X Tekken running in it!


Always did like the way the Tekken 5 cabs looked. The arcade I used to go to always had a problem with the card solenoid. (IE People throwing tokens inside of it)


I always thought Tekken cabs were standup, is this custom made?


The dedicated Tekken 5 cabs are adjustable. They can go from standing to sitting. Pretty damn awesome.


Is it easy to switch from sit-down to stand-up? Is it Tri-sync? The thing I didn’t care for was the monitor bezel was grey. Felt like someone Mounted an old TV t an awesome cab.


I agree, I’m thinking about spraying it Flat Black, to match the rest of the cab, but I may eventually sell/trade it so I’m not sure.

It takes 2 people to raise or lower it based on the weight of everything. One person to lift, the other to add the bolts/risers.

This monitor is VGA only, not Tri Sync. Perfect for my 360 games!


Found an effing GEM in a small Alabama arcade…Got it for a sweet deal too…



Hmmm Images seem to not be working… Anyways, I found a really nice capcom Impress cab in an Alabama arcade. Got it for a great price too.