The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!

This is probably the best place for me to ask this:
Is there a list anywhere that outlines the default button/balltop color for each of the Sega candy cabs?

The only one that I seem to find any details of is the Astro City (green balltop and buttons for P1, pink balltop and buttons for P2, both yellow start buttons).

Is there anywhere that’ll have the details for the default colors for parts for other cabs like the Blast City, Net City, Versus City or Naomi Universal? Or is there even a default for any cab other than the Astro?

Blast City panel from Sanwa Catalog

Green and Pink.

Typical sega 3 button set up (1 player)

Astro, New Astro, Blast, Versus, New Versus, Megalo 410 - Green and Pink or VF scheme (Green, Blue, Pink)

Net, New Net, Naomi Universal, Megalo 50 - Red and “dark Blue”

Lindbergh - Dark Hai

Aero class - Red and Blue (seimitsu parts most likely)

start button is yellow for most of them

look for catalog scans

Hi guys, if I purchased one of these:

Is it easy to rewire the stick and buttons to a PS360+ or KADE to work on my classic Xbox?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post! Still learning the ropes.

Yes. It’s very easy with the p360+. It’s better than a pad hack if you plan on just using consoles in your cabinet. I have a ps3/xbox360/dreamcast setup in one of my cabs with two ps360+ and all the need to do is switch controller cables to make it work.

It will be a hassle to change if you want to change between jamma and console because you have to unplug all the disconnects.

I’m not sure if there is a universal solution to make jamma and console work together. Hopefully someone else here knows.

Now are you going to be hooking this up to an arcade cabinet or just using the panel? If its the panel its quite easy to hook up a PS360+. You already have all the wires but it would be a shame to cut it all up, its better to just keep sega loom harness & CPS2 Kick harness just in case you will use it in the future or you can probably sell it & get some money back.

Here is what you need:
5-pin wire harness for your controls x2
Wires w/.110 quick disconnects x2
Daisy Chain wires for your ground x2
Neutrik to connect to your 360+ x2
Connect your PS360+ to your Neutrik x2

You would then have to make your own RJ45 to Xbox cable x2 or just buy x2 x2

Not sure if that converter has any lag, so it might be best to just make your own xbox rj45 cable. Here is a link in how to do it, its on the 2nd post…If your not up to it, just ask someone to do it for you here in Tech.

This guy in the Neo-geo forum does it but a bit pricey but i heard he does great work. I have multiple cabs so this isn’t really for me but if you only have 1 or 2 cabs then this might be worth it.!&p=3514666#post3514666

Guys, you’re both SICK! I’m glad I did a bit of research beforehand otherwise your links wouldn’t have made much sense.

I’m allergic to pad adapters, they all suffer from lag apart from that retro USB thingy. However I know I can just plug in USB into the classic Xbox via these convertors

so I’ll go for that rather than RJ45.

I guess I’ll just sell the Sega loom and CPS2 Kick harness and put the money towards the extra bits :smiley:

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

The way I did mine was to hack into the Sanwa harness (the button/joystick wiring that comes with your control panel). I split each button and joystick wire (incl ground) to the JAMMA harness and to a PS1 pad per signal. Same with the kick harness and the corresponding kick buttons on the console pad. This way, my wiring still works with JAMMA games and all I need to do for console is plug in the pad cable. The control panel on my cab works with JAMMA, PSX/PS2, and anything else I can connect to via adapter (DC, PS3, 360, etc). To switch back to JAMMA, simply unplug the console cable so you’re not drawing power from the console controller ports.

If you need, I can take a pic whenever I’m back home in a few weeks. It’s a bit of a mess in the control panel but the wiring was simple and it works well.

Yeah i was going to suggest that too. A cleaner way would be using terminal blocks & having the PSX pad wires & jamma wires connect to a terminal block & then connect wires to the stick/buttons…Pretty much a dual PCB type setup

There is also another cool way, if you want to play console on arcade is Viletim RGB Scart to Jamma converter add that w/ a Playstation 1/2 control board w/ kick harness. Retro games looks so nice on CRT monitor. I need to get myself one of those control boards as i been using my Viletim adapter & just use regular console controls.


^ Exactly. I have my PCBs wired with a terminal strip just like in the diagram. Probably much easier to understand than if I took a pic of my wiring. One of the PCBs in the diagram is essentially the JAMMA control wiring while the other is the PSX pad. Would work really nicely with a PS360+ w/RJ45 cables if you don’t want to go the route of adapters like I did.

Where I can buy a Viletim RGB Scart to Jamma converter?

Here is the thread for the Viletim adapter

Hey guys!!
So finally after lots of work a ton of magic erasers, retro bright finding diodes for the monitor, the 100 yen decal, and lots of help! here it is!! My Capcom Impress, full sanwa :slight_smile: … well almost full sanwa just the start buttons are seimitsu only thing missing is the metal coin thingy that goes right next to the 100 yen decal and had to use the same holes that the previous owner made for the sticks :^/ sigh… other than that, really fun project!! but man does it get addictive haha I cant wait to get another one and start all over again! haha

capcom impress! very nice. I think thats the first one in this thread.

Definitely not the first (Check my posts!) but definitely the cleanest! Good job with that man!

Finally finished it. Still no sideart, but I can add later.

Now it make me quarters next to my SFIICEHF BigBlack cab :slight_smile:

What kind of store do you have Frank?

I don’t have a store yet. :frowning:
I’m expecting to open a brick&mortar sometime in a few years but I know a lot of comic book shop owners here in AZ since I’m a comic nut so both of these are in a comic shop right next to ASU.

thanks guys! :^)

Just added a new cab to the mix as of Thursday.
Needs a lot of cosmetic cleaning and the inside is full of rat shit, but it fired up right away and was FREE!