The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Also, anybody know where I can get pad hacks? For the Sega Net City JVS.



Sorry for all the posts, just trying to figure out how add an image and not just a url.


Use image tags.


Finallly got my new baby, my first machine!!! Mortal Kombat kit in a generic z back cab (dont think its dynamo or 3-koam)

now if i can just figure how to get the marquee off to change the light… no bolts on top and bottom bracket wont come off when screws are removed


Its been awhile but here is an update to Mother Russia. Its now gym arcade.


Always loving your updates Rcaido!


I would join this gym


Power rack, rubber plates and floor!? I’m in love


Recently purchased a new home and finally was able to get all my machines out of storage and all together for the first time…





Wow, that is impressive! What do you do for a living MK Source? Has to be gaming related to have a collection like that. I have three cabs myself. Slowly but surely growing the collection.


Holy shit man, that’s a giant collection.


that cab collection is glorious


i really cant wait to one day have a place to put all my cabs. Awesome collection!


Thanks guys! VBCop, I work in Aviation. I’m an Avionics Mod Tech.


These are all nice. Do you have Shinobi? I thought you had MKX in a cab as well…


mini 3s themed cab i built for a buddy this past fall. mix of american and candy cab styles. running a Raspi3 + recalbox.