The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!




Here’s a preview… More to come soon!


^ I can’t explain how jealous I am in words


Is that the official cps1 punisher ?


wow you guys with yours cabs am so jealous…i really wish i had at least one someday.
well keep these post coming i love to admire you guys collection/setup


@FrankCastleAZ ah, you have some fun stuff too
@STEZO_ONE it’s the cps1 board in a neo geo super 29 candy cabinet.

Evidently my son likes it too, he announced that he finished the game. Not bad for a 6 year old lol.




Yup. Officially jealous. I been trying to find a cps1 punisher but its really rare or usually overpriced.


Well, I made a purchase this weekend. The only thing that stinks is I won’t be able to play until August :frowning: Bought this in a Cali auction and will be meeting it in Minnesota when we get there.
Used some of the money from the Twilight Zone Pinball I fixed and sold so Susan can’t get after me too much!


You’re my boy, blue! I love it but needs more CVS2 8)




Old school reference! I have cvs2 in mine. Great find @armi0024


@STEZO_ONE MVC2 is one of my favorite games… and this means I have freed up a Cyberlead, I could run CVS2 in there… hmmmm


56" led, i7 ssd, 50/5 cable, and i pay for playboy lol

btw, anyone done anything cool with a raspberry pi?


When its all in a arcade cab, feel free to post about it.
This is after all an Arcade Cabinet thread not the Home entertainment center thread.

And you are not impressing anyone with that cheap Mayflash stick ether.




I need me some suzos.


Ha ha ha, are you just holding that Diamond VLX to get it into the shot!!!


A few people in my town are opening a Japanese style arcade (called The Dojo), pretty much all fighting games and shmups on candy cabs and lindbergh cabs. Had the opportunity to check the place out last week, it was great. If they ever shut down (which I hope doesn’t happen), I’ll have to see if I can buy a tate shmup cab from them.


Nice, take pics next time!