The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


I’ll try to, they’re on Facebook at The Dojo Arcade in the meantime. Columbus, OH, for anyone in the area.


Hah. Nah, I would’ve if it came down to it, but it is precariously cantilevered off the edge of the bureau.

Sending you a PM. Will cut you a deal on a pair if you want. I remember you from Marvel2 days.


Dont sell to Pablo, sell to me instead. That way Pablo can come over.



I finally have some marquees for my blast :smiley:




And I’m moving in 4 months!


it’s mahvel baby

Well, its CvS2 artset but close enough (runs away…)


Any of those coming through Vegas during the move? o:)


I was eyeing the same machine, but it went for a bit more than I was willing to spend : )

I do see the DDR Machine I bought in the background of those pics though


Kawaii Kon Bound

Unfortunately the cabinet will not be in Vegas, I did offer to bring a collection of games to Evo but was told space is limited…

I agree on the price of the Big Blue, but I wanted that machine lol.


For those with custom builds, how do you handle power when you manage multiple devices?

I’m building a mid-sized tabletop cabinet. I would like to feed power to a Game Console (ps3 slim), NUC pc, Monitor, and Amp. I imagine this going to a hopefully small power strip inside of my cabinet. I am then hoping to connect this strip to a single power connector mounted on the cabinet. This is so I only have one cable going out of the cabinet. I’m looking for something like this but hoping I can connect a power strip directly to it…

Any recommendations for this build? I’m also looking for a compact power strip in case you guys have seen one.



How much do the DDR cabinets cost?


Arcade cabs prices tend to vary wildly.

Factors include
your geographic region
Supply and demand
Condition of the cab (or level of damage)
Who’s selling it
The reasons they are selling it
Sometimes the rarity of the machine (assuming the seller gives a crap what the machine actually is)
Size (larger cockpit or environmental cabs go for alot more)

Wooden US upright cabs tend to go for the cheapest. I seen some fix-er-upers where its just a bare wooden cabinet but the cabinet is still serviceable for as cheap as $50.
Like a hollowed out video poker machine.
Traditionally Japanese style cabs goes for more, DDR cabs could be considered large format Japanese style cabs.

For local pickup you need to rent a truck or moving van or ask someone else with a truck to help you out.
Across the nation or overseas you are looking at freight shipping, which the shipping can be a few grand.


Just wanted to show off my Arcade Cabinet inside my bedroom.
Cabinet made by Krey



yeah over here(SG) there’s people selling for like 5-7k excluding transportation. just curious abt the prices over in US. but thanks that was a very thorough explanation =)


Very nice, love the black/white color scheme.


Just finished up an X-Men restoration. It was converted to an NBA Jam Extreme and I picked it up on the cheap and just had to be restored. I already have a TMNT and a Simpsons so this became an X-Men. Here are some before and after pics. When I get the machine in the house and added to the row with the TMNT and Simpsons, I’ll post some more pictures. I know it’s not a fighting game, but I figured some people might appreciate it. Thanks!..


Finally got around to this. Decided to go with MS instead of Final Fight because I like it better and the art is cooler. I was going to try red t-molding but the cabinet has corner protectors so I just kept it black.

Here’s the control panel stripped and bondo’d. It was originally a Karate Champ (you can make out the bolt holes for the dual joysticks for each player)


Cool cabs guys!