The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Picked this bad boy up last night. I ended up letting go of my neo29 (traded to the seller) and sold my Noir clone to make this happen, but I have no regrets :slight_smile:

I’ll need to wire up a passthrough for console controller adapters, but video is niiice and sound hits hard!




@“Lemony Vengeance” nice find

To any trying bleach yellowed trim on Candy’s, I’ll post the differences on my Super Neo’s. The 40 volume hair bleach and Hawaiian sun does an amazing job.


Oh so similar to the retrobright method


Thanks! Ken from is about 50 miles away from me, and normally refuses to order these for import. A customer of his requested 4 and paid 50% down, but didn’t come up with the remainder, so off to ebay they went. I was on a road trip when I saw the listing, so I emailed him and worked out a deal: My neo29 and a discounted remaining amount for the cabinet.

I’m getting an omega CMVS in the next day or so, so letting go of my 4 slot (which didn’t really get much play time in) wasn’t a terribly big deal. Sad to see it go, but making room for this was a nice exchange.

As for the sun bleaching, I look forward to the results! I still need to do that to my speaker shroud on my New Astro City. I’m torn though… while I like things being clean, the yellowing can give the cabinet a small amount of character.


Got my first cabinet last month, although not for fighting. Picked up a Korean DDR cabinet, sorry for the mess, still working on it. It was converted to a SuperNova, but back down to a 573 at some point, it needs a lot of work still, I need to foam mod the second pad, buy replacement Sanwa triangle buttons, buy new brackets and countersink the screws. Maybe put a Makvision in it in the future as the Korean CRT has some burn in.

Bought new arrows for the cab, which ended up being from Suzo Happ of all places.

I also probably have like $20+ of Aladdin’s Castle/Timeout tokens sitting at the bottom of the cab as this came from a Namco arcade (hence the arrow replacement.)


Just got an aero city. It isn’t much yet, but it’s my first real cabinet. She needs a good cleaning and some work done, but I can’t wait to see what I can turn it into.


nice get! I love Sega’s little tank (and you know why I’m calling it that :wink: ). OOH! it has a platform too! nice!

OH NICE!! It looks like you have the proper upper CP surround too! Take pics in there, it’s possible that you’ll only need to get the control panel (which are more common than you think :slight_smile: The illuminated marquee may be tough to find, however.


So jealous of those with DDR (or other dance equivalent) machines. Are those hard to find replacement parts for?

My original plan a few years ago was to buy a bigger house with a basement large enough for my main/modern entertainment/gaming setup, my custom cab (currently holds an X360), a Blast/Astro City, and a DDR machine, among other geek/hobby things. Unfortunately, I’m moving into a bigger house this summer, and the basement is unfortunately much smaller than I’d had hoped for; there’s going to be room for my entertainment/gaming setup, as well as my custom cab and the other geek things, but definitely no room for a second cab and by far no room for a DDR machine… :frowning:


I’ve wanted a top skater cab for a LONG time… but there’s no space for me in the basement beyond what’s already in the the “war room”.

I feel your pain, man.


Hey Lemony, would getting a plexy cut out and print art on some vinyl work for the Aero City Cab?


As a replacement for the CP? No, the CP is just like other sega CPs in that the stick mounts to it.

As a covering for the entire upper CP surround like what arts hobbies/FH/FA does for arcade sticks? It might, but you would need to work past the carriage bolts in the CP itself…Maybe a custom CP with studs instead of bolt holes, then using Screw in buttons to keep the plexi in place, no bolts needed. :slight_smile:

Here’s a decent looking CP with surround for reference.

looking at the pic again, it looks like the original panel is under the art, which could possibly just be a vinyl overlay:

red arrows are pointing to the CP screws. Could be hidden gold :slight_smile:


No not the control panel, I meant the marquee. Sorry for not making that clear.


Here’s a quick shot of the insides. I plan on being thorough when cleaning it out to see what it all has. The marquee has the light fixture inside, so I’ll probably just get some repro art for it. Also, I’ll have to drill the locks on the bottom of the cp, since we don’t have keys for it.


Hi everyone I’m brand new to the forums but a huge fan of classic arcade games. I have mint condition original dedicated Street Fighter 2 “The World Warrior” Arcade Cabinet which is one of the centerpieces of my home arcade. I joined the forum to learn more about the history of this game in the series and info on the early Capcom cabinets. Below are a few pictures of my SF2WW cabinet and my home arcade.[/img][/img][/img]


nice! Here’s a good place to start for artwork:

Ah, gotcha :slight_smile: that could be done, but it would be easier to get it repro’d on actual translucent plastic. issue is, finding vector art for the marquee may be tough.


I am not picking on you Reiraku, so you don’t get the wrong idea.
I don’t like that exposed terminal strip bridging what appears to be mains voltage.That wiring going into the outlet box could be and should be one continuous wire/cable.
Hell all that 120 volt wiring is a nightmare. The previous owners did some really sloppy work.
Why there even is a extension cord?

I am not even worried about the Jamma wiring.


No offense taken. A lot of that I was wondering myself when I first checked it out. I had planned on redoing a lot of the wiring when I got to cleaning it because I’d really like this thing to not burn down my house. Part of me is seriously considering taking out most of it and putting in a dreamcast with VGA connection. That or going with a single slot MVS board, but I have another cab I’m building that will cover most of those games anyways. I really want to get that wiring sorted so I have a better idea of what needs to go and what doesn’t. As you said, it’s a mess in there.


Currently updating my DIY Vewlix cabinet and also giving it an MKX theme:

Artwork printed with a new 8 button CP layout. This has been printed on glossy paper as the original matte doesn’t have a deep enough black. The grey has also been lightened to accentuate the lines:

New ‘Insert Coin’ sticker - printed card cut out, covered with a matte tablet screen protector, backed with thin double sided tape, corners rounded and stuck on to the CP:

I’ll be adding a coin slot next to it.

I also cut out the new artwork for the topper - I’ll need to find some thick card to use as backing as it’s not laying completely flat:

Edit: Updated CP pictures (New 8 button layout with updated artwork, Insert Coin sticker, coin slot, aluminium edging around the acrylic and retainers on the light bar) :

Edit: Updated.


Impressive as always. I’ve been curious how that vewlix top panel is installed. Any chance for some pics on that?