The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Thanks x24. If you are referring to the topper, it’s made from an acrylic wall display panel which came with pre-drilled holes like this one:

I dug out some old photos:

I cut some L-shaped plastic trim to size and drilled some holes to line up with those on the display panel:

The plastic trim is super-glued to the top of the cabinet and small nuts and bolts used to secure the acrylic display panel :

If that’s not what you meant, let me know.


Just got this beauty
It even has a rotate mech;)

i should star posting,i just recover my password after a long time
Like an egret2 candy cab


HOLY HELL man, that’s BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!


Quick question for those of you who buy old arcade cabinets: have you ordered them or do you usually pick them up locally/drive to pick them up?

I really want a House of the Dead cabinet at some point in my life, but it looks like ordering one from many states away is always going to be the most available option.


Depends on who the seller is honestly. But the majority of the time its local pick up.


Dang AG… that neo candy table is CHERRY. hope the price didn’t hurt.

also, good seeing you here :slight_smile:


Thanks guys
I think i god an ok price for what it is
And considering it has a rotate mech like an Egret

Here is a small video


Uploaded a video of the cabinet. Best viewed in 1080p 60fps although it still stutters a little :frowning:


What state are you in? A HotD shouldn’t be too hard to find. Usually you only have shipped games that are a little more rare (unless you’re in a remote area where everything is rare).


Never seen a dedicated neo cocktail like that…very nice. But why are there only 3 buttons per player?


That isn’t Neo Geo, it is a older SNK cocktail cab, SNK made games since the late 70s

There First game Osma Wars in 1979

Four buttons didn’t get introduced till the time Neo Geo came out.
Another Pre-Neo Geo SNK title was Athena, which got a NES port.


Actually I’m referring to the panel below that. It’s the one on your video at the 1 minute mark.


Ah, gotcha. Here’s a few (rather old) pics:

Cut at an angle to make sure the beveled edges line up correctly:

Used some supporting blocks on the insides and glued and screwed everything in place:

Then just filled, sanded and painted to get a seamless finish.


Oh ok, you actually have a lip built in there to hold a front panel. Mine is flush all the way to the back. Thanks.


Not a fighting game, but have a DDR machine running off a Stepmania PC I built. 2200+ songs (official mixes plus a TON of great custom stuff). I also have legit Extreme if I want to play that, but I see no reason to swap out the Stepmania cab. I play hard stuff every morning for exercise.


This is some of my stuff that I brought to an anime con. Blast City (running Sailor Moon), dedicated Chase HQ, Neo Geo 2-Slot (Metal Slug X + Aero Fighters 2 Friday, Metal Slug 3 + Panic Bomer Saturday, Metal Slug 2 + League Bowling Sunday), Neo Geo 4-Slot (Last Blade 2 & Waku Waku 7 all weekend, then swapped out KOF’98, '02, '03, SamSho2, Sam Sho4 and SvCC each day in the other two slots), Atomiswave (Hokuto No Ken) and dedicated Killer Instinct 2.


Latest restore:


Awesome. Could you please when have the time, post more pics of the Atomiswave Hokuto Cabinet? Thx in advance!


Been some months since I last posted. Ive bought, sold, and traded a number of cabs since I last came on. I picked up this Astro for $100 all beaten to hell. Cleaned it up a bit, got a new panel, buttons, and sticks"]"]

Id like to get my hands on another Egret II, a Sega Astro, and a Sega Blast City.

My Atomiswave’s monitor keeps blowing diodes, not sure what im going to do with it :confused:


I did some videos since my last posts as well:

Button Replacement:
Stick Replacement:
Getting the Astro through the damn door:
And the Egret Marquee:

Also my Egret II is complete now


been looking for one of those capcom blue cabinets forever…

I could just make one but I wanted the the REALEST one straight outta some hood arcade lol…