The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!

lol thats spooky. I need those stools :frowning:

I made a primer video for people thinking about getting into Arcade Cabinets


Such a gorgeous cocktail! Great job!

Hello all, finally I can join this thread. =)
here is my first cabinet (WIP, will do the painting next weekend)

MV4-F. Halfway through a Sanwa JLF conversion. Currently have Baseball Stars 2, Garou: Mark of The Wolves, KOF '98, and Bust a Move in it.

Just saved an old American cab from being thrown out by my friends land Lord, but it’s in pretty rough condition. This isn’t it’s current condition, I plan on uploading a whole album when I get home.

My roommates SF3 cabinet. Not sure what it originally started out as. Has some issues (sound will cut out and screen gets fuzzy after playing for awhile) needs new sticks and buttons but works well for the most part.

So I am currently working on a Dynamo z back (probably turning into MAME cab but probably going to be only used for FIghtcade). It has the old metal sf II control panel in it. I think it was a hyper fighting cab, anyone ever try to drop sanwas in the control panel? I know the 30mm is too big for the standard american 28mm, but on a scale of 1 - “you’re better off building your own control panel out of wood”. How doable is it to widen the holes? Can it be done with a file or is dremel nessecary?

Sorry these arent the best pix of the cabi, but its all the pix I have atm. America Sega STV cab running the Darksoft multi cart. Changed the sticks over to JLFs n buttons over OBSCs. Had to have dust washers 3D printed to cover the gaping holes left behind by the stock Happ hardware.

The MVS conversion cabi still needs to have the CP redone, so it just sits dorment.

Hey everyone built this mini bartop cabinet for my nephew’s birthday gift. people commenting on social media have dubbed it the “Barlix” LOL.
19" display, PS360+, seimistu buttons, JLF, and avengers themed art. He freaked out when he unwrapped it! Enjoy yall…

The friend’s expression in the video is priceless.

Great job!
I wish I had a cool uncle to give me bartop cabs for my birthday. :smiley:

Does anyone here have any experience with “OK Baby” candy cabs? I’ve never heard of them before. Did a Google search and most people say they’re decent clones at most. Found a couple of them for sale close to me for $500 without a monitor.

Cab flyer


I would look harder there are better cab with a game and monitor for cheaper

I agree with @Darksakul

$500 for an average candy without a monitor is too overpriced. Of course everything is relative to your particular area. There are some areas of the US for example that is hard to find a candy cab whereas if you’re close to Cali or New York they’re a lot more common.

Like if you don’t care about getting a Candy cab, American style cabs in reasonable condition can be gained for cheap.
You got to do your foot work, your homework on this one. Check your local classified listings, Yellow pages, check Craigslist, ask local businesses that deal with Arcade Cabs (even if its a pizza join or laundry mat with a cabinet).

You might need to borrow or rent a truck when it comes to the time to buy the Cab. You might have to drive for a few hours to get to your location. Very few places do deliver. Ask to see the cab in action if possible.
Even then you are looking into doing some cleaning and repair work.

Like Frank Said each geographical location is different, like me near Baltimore there plenty of opportunities for cabs.

Thanks for the replies. I’m familiar with looking for and buying cabs as I already own several and one of them is a candy cab which are like unicorns in my area. I paid 750 plus shipping for a new astro city that did have a monitor a few years ago. So I was gauging the price compared to that. The ok baby is only a 2 hour drive from me. I’ve been wanting another candy cab badly so I was surprised to even see one so close. Lol
I know they’re way cheaper in places where they’re more common like socal where they’re only like a few hundred bucks or less.

Some fun with a friends cabinet

Gots to bump it up.

Holy Grail of the Nintendo arcade line up.
PlayChoice 10 Counter top arcade. Minty as can be.

Oh yeah!

Managed to hoot this baby a while back. Did a fair bit of work cleaning it up, adding a center ‘coin’ button for mame and a volume control.

Am as happy as a kid and proud of it.