The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!

New 1p Vewlix cab I built for a customer and his sons (names are Ryu and Link, thus the marquee). Wood/MDF, Asus Display, Sanwa Parts, Hori FC4 Padhack.

Link to build log:

Got 8 of these babies ready to go with BenQ RL2455HM monitors, 4 PS4, Brook Universal Fight Boards & 4 HDMI Splitters.

The 2 holes under the monitor are for two USB ports for busy nights where we set PS4s in all cabs and run them as 2P stations or just for people who want to use their pads/custom sticks.

Just waiting to complete renovation for my Manga Cafe, AKibA KiSSA in Toronto! One thing I really was hoping was that the paint on these cabs were glossy.

This Arcade machine was built entirely by me, from the sketch plan and the dimensions to the assembly and finally decorating. All project comes from my head B)

I called it XboxArcade :peace:

Check this out!

Full image gallery you can watch on this link -

Don’t you post run throughs in fighting games. Try beating World Warrior (US 910206) on the hardest CPU difficulty…

This thread should be stickied…

Those speaker grills are bad ass!

Props on using OG XBox! What front end are yo using?

EDIT: NVM I see CoinOPS there! =)

GDLK design lol

selling some of that pre cut wood or something lol? that looks like a really good summer project.

I wanna make it a little bit Fearsome and esspecially because of that I bought two 3D cases for X360 from Calibur11 only for use these two freak view Infected Omen as speaker covers =)

damn i want this cabinet bad or a classic vewlix cab but i don’t know how to go about finding one to buy or how much i should spend any advice is much appreciated

Not a new cabinet by any means, but I finally got the chance to give the custom cabinet that I made about 3 1/2 years ago (seen here) a little facelift.

First things first, it’s FINALLY at my place. When I built the thing back at the end of 2012, I was still living in a condo, so I had no room for this. So it sat in my parents’ basement, and only saw usage during family gatherings and parties. I moved into a townhouse last October, and have a basement of my own now, so it finally made it over.

External changes:

  • Took the cabinet apart to lower the entire unit by ~2": previously, I made a mistake in my calculations, and the control panel ended up at ~30" above ground, which made it ~2" higher than the standard ~28" that control panels are supposed be at for sit-down cabinets.
  • Changed the artwork: was getting tired of my abstract “black-lines” artwork and the multiple fighting game banners. Besides, SFV is here, so the banners were outdated anyways. I actually like the standard Vewlix artwork, and considering I had white sides and black middle-sections, using the red Vewlix art seemed like a no-brainer. Problem is, since my layout isn’t a Vewlix layout, I didn’t want to use the Vewlix name. But I did really like the way the V, W, and X made the overall logo’s shape look, so I took the general silhouette and turned it into a resistor.
  • P1 side is all Seimitsu (LS-32-01 and PS-14-KN, with a FGW LED board and ArcEye2s)
  • P2 side is all Sanwa (JLF with OBSC-30)
  • Home, Start, Select are still all Seimitsu PS-14-DNK
  • The main 6 buttons and Start are blank; the “extra” 2 buttons, Home and Select simply have red paper inserts
  • Kept the same black bat-tops and Tek-Innovations arrow-dustwashers as before

Internal changes:

  • Wiring cleaned up a bit; not my best wiring, but everything is connected to a 20-pin connector that matches the layout on the PS360+ and Brook UFB. The original Paewang boards that I had in there have been connected to a male-end 20-pin header. This way, if/when I ever upgrade the internals to a UFB (or anything else), the wiring to the buttons and joysticks are modular and I’ll never have to rewire that portion.
  • The USB cable has also been made modular and has been fitted with a 4-pin header rather than directly soldered to the PCB.

P1 side (all Seimitsu with the FGW LED board and ArcEye2s)

P2 side (all Sanwa)

Just recently had my cabs at Animazement 2016 and CEO 2016.


and pics from CEO:

I had all the candy cabs with the Neo Mega Shock marquees, the Gold Neo Geo, KI2, Marvel Super Heroes, Hokuto No Ken AW. All the rest of the cabs seen are from Wedoca or Arcade Impact.

Time to add my cab! Finally got my hands on a candy cab and here it is.

Can somebody tell me how add a picture to my post instead of just the photo URL like I did on my post above? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

Also, anybody know where I can get pad hacks? For the Sega Net City JVS.

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Finallly got my new baby, my first machine!!! Mortal Kombat kit in a generic z back cab (dont think its dynamo or 3-koam)

now if i can just figure how to get the marquee off to change the light… no bolts on top and bottom bracket wont come off when screws are removed

Its been awhile but here is an update to Mother Russia. Its now gym arcade.

Always loving your updates Rcaido!