The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


I would join this gym


Power rack, rubber plates and floor!? I’m in love


Recently purchased a new home and finally was able to get all my machines out of storage and all together for the first time…





Wow, that is impressive! What do you do for a living MK Source? Has to be gaming related to have a collection like that. I have three cabs myself. Slowly but surely growing the collection.


Holy shit man, that’s a giant collection.


that cab collection is glorious


i really cant wait to one day have a place to put all my cabs. Awesome collection!


Thanks guys! VBCop, I work in Aviation. I’m an Avionics Mod Tech.


These are all nice. Do you have Shinobi? I thought you had MKX in a cab as well…


mini 3s themed cab i built for a buddy this past fall. mix of american and candy cab styles. running a Raspi3 + recalbox.


Which ASUS monitor did you use for this cab?


VH238H it’s basically an updated version of the original “evo” monitor. LED panel instead of LCD.


This my first homemade build. Next one will be better this one plays mame,Atari to Nintendo 64


I got 2 arcade showcase cabinets a few months ago for $300 one with virtua fighter 4 and empty tekken 3 cabinet that I still need to pickup. I donated the the virtua fighter(red one) to my local arcade. I might just donate the other one too because its alot of cabinet and my dorm room isn’t that big

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My latest arcade pedestal build:

It will eventually have a 70" tv wall mounted behind it.


Also, my home arcade…

PC and Raspberry Pi inside


My wall mounted cab, made w PVC:

Drew it in illustrator & cutted it w a cnc table Bended the curved part with a heat gun. It runs a Raspberry Pi 3B w AM.