The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Karate Kid figures FTW!


The first thing that I’ve noticed was the seamless transition between the control panel and the false front for the display/speakers; almost like the Corian products in those interior glamour magazines.
Elegant, space-saving solution; pretty nice. How did you assemble the parts - contact cement?




@FreudlosPsyD , yeah it is seamless. The front, from the marquee down to the button parts was cut in one piece, I then molded/bented it with a heat gun and put pressure on it, let it cool down and stiff. I put a backlit vinyl behind the speaker curves/holes to keep the theme white. There are some generic pc speakers inside. Evertything is assembled from the inside, hidden. LOTS of glue / Mac10 paste.


Technically this isnt a cabinet, so feel free to delete if against rules. But my latest build sorta lands somewhere inbetween a cab & a fighstick: Raspberry Pie 3B, Retropie w AM:


Everything looks sweet until you open it up. The screen is way too small & button layout is just weird. You should use one of those quick release JLF. That way you can put a bigger screen. Do you have a blog on how you did it?


No, please don’t hold back…
Tell us how you REALLY feel :wink:


@The_Dipkid I quite like it. But why did you choose that button layout? did you drill the holes into the plexi upside down?


@ProgressiveBalance Its based on the Hori V3 layout, (with like a 2-3 degree angle adjustment), it never occured to me that it was a super weird layout?


Can you take a pic of the controls directly from the top? Maybe it’s the camera and angle that’s distorting it, but to chime in a bit, the button layout looks too angled and too spaced out (ie, the buttons are too far from each other). The “Hori V3” (you’ll have to be more specific; not sure if you’re taking about the Hori RAP V3, or the Hori FS V3) uses a standard Vewlix layout (or close), hence the “V” designation; it’s just that, from the pics shown, it doesn’t look like a standard Vewlix layout on your controls.


@FreedomGundam I meant the old ps3 hori v3 fight stick. I think thats what its name was. And youre probably right, i have made so many changes on my illustrator plans thru my different projects, its likely i spaced out the buttons at some time. Dosent matter to me though, can snap a pic when im home from vacation.


I can finally contribute to this thread! Its a prefab but I did make a custom CP. :slight_smile:


What’s the size on that monitor?


ASUS 32" 1440p

Was just looking for a 32" monitor, low input lag (of course), VGA input to run DC if I wanted too. That’s really it lol.


Wow. I didn’t know ASUS even made 1440p monitors in that size. Nice!


Did you mod it in order to allow Shin Gouki and Gill if it’s an arcade board?


It’s a Raspberry Pi running games on a version Final Burn Alpha on Recalbox OS.


Hi all,

This is my current machine. Completely built from scratch of my own design.

Running a quad core pc with windows 7 and Hyperspin front end with a 23" monitor.

I’ve made a lot of my own custom menus for this and a lot of custom art done for the pc games. Sf4 blazblue, skull girls etc and the marquee.

Tried to make it as low profile as possible.

The front pulls out into a bench seat too which I thought was a nice little feature!


Liono that’s awesome man! Really like that bench.

I added poster frames to my arcade garage…


Bzzt! Photobucket done screwed ya. We see nothing, @rcaido

I recommend imgur