The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Can you see it now?


Yup. Glorious!


oh wow that is incredible


Got this Neo Geo SCB-U4 about 6 months back or so. Still need to do some work on it. Unfortunately the CPO is damaged and will prob be impossible to replace and I fon’t habe the key to the monitor door but she works fine and Im going to replace the buttons/stick soon


Hi All…

My friend and I took some photos of my updated room


This was my favourite…


I came. Thanks for that.


still saving up for a vewlix but for the meantime i picked up a xtension cab from recroommasters. solid build quality. Took about 4.5 hours to assemble with a friend. 32" Samsung display, the control panel comes with sanwa parts and 2 brook UFBs.


Nice cab, jonyfraze! 2 questions for you please:

-Does it come in white?

-How are the button placements? Read reviews on Reddit where folks said the buttons were too far apart and made gameplay uncomfortable. What’s been your feelings on this?





Wholly crap! :o :o :o <3


Room Update time for me as well

Recorded a video with closeups:

And how I got my Initial D3 Cab up and running recently:


Very impressive!
I wish my basement was big enough to do like you, but alas no. So I only have space for my custom cabinet and my big-screen setup for modern consoles, and no room to display my entire collection of older stuff.
Extra props for the Kamen Rider Baron Banaspear box peeking out from the back (huge Gaim fan here). :slight_smile:


I wish. “Space?” What’s that?


lol thank you, admittedly I only have the Banaspear and the lock because it says “Banana!” which cracks me up


no its only in black unless you want to add custom white vinyl artwork. button layout is actually pretty good. standard vewlix layouts. enough space for 2 people. i thought i was gonna hate the mounting screws for the joysticks however they dont bother me during gameplay. im pretty happy with the purchase so far!


I always wanted my own Arcade Cab (Japanese style) and now that i do i can finally post mine in this thread that i stalked for a few years now lolololol. Heres my little humble set up a custom built Vewlix cabinet design by Kraylix. I bought from a friend a few months back for my birthday. It had some marks on the control panel but i took care of that with some Car Paint, came out good. I love this thing so much but its still a work in progress. I want to fix the control panel art work for the 2nd player side it’s slightly off. I want to thank Snaaaaaake and Ben Fong for helping a brother out love you guys.
has 2 universal brooks fighting pcb
will post more pics soon. Damn i need to clean my room lol

Old Pics

New Pics


That is a great game room. I’m currently in a move and hope to put together a game room just a fraction as dope as yours.

That is a beautiful cabinet. Congrats. I hope to have a cabinet like that one day. I’m still in the thread stalking stage.


@dela04 Thank you for the nice compliments am sure if you really want one and have enough patients you will have one and get out of the stalking stages like i did. Best advice i can offer is have money saved away because these deals come out of left field. the Last thing you want is to come across an awesome deal and have no play money to get it. Good Luck mayne and Happy Holidays


Hello guys
this is my Custom Vewlix Diamond edition. I made by MDF. if you want to see more pictures about of the processing how i make it, you can check the link


@hursit Wow amazing work dude. i love it your craftsmanship is amazing really it is, mdf looks and feels solid. one of my favorites and best i seen so far and i seen a lot how did you get the marquee and and control panel to look like that i would love to do one for my cabinet but in gray/silver and black, as i need to get new pixie glass for both. and what software is that with all the games and where can i get one ? i have no tech skills when it comes to photoshop i dont even own it smh.