The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!


Classified ads, that includes Craigslist, you could also hit up eBay.
Warring be prepared for a several hour drive to other cities or even over state lines.
You also might want to rent a truck or van to move the cab.


I’ve been in the mood for a road trip lately. Maybe this will be my excuse.


My first build


Old but I Finally switched out the sticks and buttons. Supposed to be a big blue but I dont know what to call this one since its not blue anymore. The original owner said he purchased it like that. Two p360s and new happ buttons installed.


^ didnt we met once like a million year ago lol

if I was still in NYC Id hit you up for some cvs2!!


Time to bump! Got Gief!


Always loving your updates @rcaido


Amazing setup rcaido!

Here are my two cabs, recently got my Big Red back from my cousin. He was watching it for me since i didnt have space for it. Bro moved out so now i have both cabs in my living room. I really want 2 more cabs. Id really like a knock off cab to mess around. Maybe make it a console cab.


This is my first biuld

Im going to built another one soon


Legit thought the top of the chair in the bottom right corner was a dick.


Thanks. Good catch I missed that. The only place my wife will let me keep it in the kitchen.