The Official Power Stone 2 Thread

A thread dedicated to the greatest DC fighting game ever created. None of your opinions are required about how good the game is or anything. No Powerstone 1 is better than Powerstone 2 talk… just straight up discussion about the games strategies, characters, items, how it could be better in the future (we’re planning on making a 3rd version). Opinion and highly debated discussion on tiers, levels and items is recommended.

Also there will be a Powerstone 2 tournament going on at Evo. My friend and I are the best players in the world at this and we’ll challenge anyone for money or pride. But this doesn’t apply here, you can just PM me about that… =P

This should get it started…

Tiers from best to worst:

1st tier- (definitely the most dominating in the game)

2nd tier-
Julia (craziest bitch in the game)

3rd Tier- (almost useless… with horrible supers to boot)

Recently, my friend and I have decided to tape a few matches and put them on the web. These are relatively new and don’t constitute the top percentile of our best matches, but we needed one to put up so…


Neph (Gourmand) vs. Brood (Julia) - Match 1

Now I don’t think that Julia is better than Gourmand in terms of stats… his STR and DEF are much higher than hers… but her mobility is the key to playing her.

Her drop down attack is semi-homing. Paired up with her floating ability, Julia is already capable of fighting any character in the game. Her jump attack is a spin umbrella that can trade or beat out any normal attack in the game. Her super is even better… quite possibly top 3 in the game in terms of damage if done correctly… if not the strongest if you can get two Merry-Go-Rounds with her.

Anyhow feel free to comment and debate but absolutely NO POWERSTONE 1 shit.

powerstone 1 is so much better than 2

How is ayame not the best?

Runaway grab stones. Throw super. Throw super.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Everyone I’ve heard says she is the best hands down.

First game did have a lot more depth. Why remove a button, I don’t get it.

ayame is the best in the game hands down

ayame > storm

Hi I’m a huge fan of Power Stone 2 I played for many years in Sega Dremcast with friends 4 players tournament. I recently discovered a way to play online with PSP emulator although is a little bit lagging still fun to play . I like to ask if you know of any other way to play online with other peoples please share thanks