The Official PS3 thread

Considering what happened, the rules are going to be a bit more strict when it comes to console discussions. The biggest thing that the mods do not want to see is bashing one system because you own another. Game comparisons are fine, but don’t run over to the other thread and attempt to start a flame war by trolling. Don’t bash another console because it’s not for you. Everybody has an opinion and that’s fine, but if you can’t post here without bashing other gamers or other systems then you can leave, or be forced to leave.

If somebody does come in here and they start “trolling” (i.e. they’re not interested in discussin anything, they just want to piss people off) you need to let one of the mods know so we can take care of it.

If you have any questions, please PM any of the mods.

Oh, and as for the information that Super King and Septimus used in this thread, I’d be happy to copy it over but it’s really up to them whether they want to use it. Superking edited his first post in the other ps3 thread to try and delete the info because he didn’t like what happened with Sep. Sep was demodded because after Mr. Wizard told him to quit console bashing, he continued and he was removed. I considered Septimus my friend, and it upsets me we probably won’t be cool after this, but the matter is closed and was decided by the person who owns this site.

Anyway, all of that info that Superking and Septimus provided is still retrievable but I won’t do it without permission from either one. So if you want that stuff in this thread you guys need to ask them and we’ll get it reposted.

Here’s the first set of games that most people suggest, courtesy of Jab.

I’ve recently suffered from my first PS3 failure, a dead BD diode (I think). Coincidentally, it started acting up right after the Leap Year Bug, and I’ve read I’m not the first guy its happened to. I posted earlier in a thread on the official US Playstation site, and lo and behold, later that day, the topic had been removed from the page (though still accessible if you had the URL, which I did). Anyone else have anything weird happen since then?

Note: I’m on an 80 GB Motorstorm Bundle, CECHE01, purchased Dec. 27th/2007 with no difficulties until now.

Thank God.

Cool to see superking is being mature about this /sarcasm.

What happened in the other thread?

Read first post. Trolling got out of hand, people were abusing their power as a mod and wiz had to step in.

Multiple users are being fucking drama queens and trolling ten times harder now or saying mods are 360 biased or some stupid shit.

Subscribing to new thread then, thanks Ronin… good to know there will be less pissy drama this time around…

Whoa, really? It’s not that serious, it’s just a thread. I mean, calling the 360 “That other console” and such, I can see why it’s been redone, because we’re all gamers regardless of what system we play on or purchase. I hate how Superking just went ballistic and changed the 1st post of the last PS3 thread, that had some good info in it and now it’s gone. The recommendation list was good as well.

Here’s to this PS3 thread being a good one. It’ll pick up speed over time, especially with the releases for this month and the coming months.

this thread is starting really nice!

Sep never abused his powers as a mod.

I would answer this, but this isn’t the place for this kind of discussion. If ronin wants to direct people where to talk about the new rules or how things are going to go down, that would help. I’m guessing we’re about to hear a “shut the fuck up or infractions” so let’s drop it. This will be my last post on the matter, apologies for derailing.

might as well reboot the 360 thread too so everyone start off the same.

it just wouldn’t be the same without sep or superking. i’ll be lurking though.

fun fact, when i first borrowed my friend’s triple, I thought the usb cable was that actual controller cord, not realizing the controller was wireless (i had imagined my cheap friend had just gotten a wired controller) so for about a week i strained trying to play games on that shortass 3 foot cord… til i realized I didnt need it plugged in all the time

i smart

Does anyone wanna play the new Resident Evil DLC with me within the next few hours? Im trying to play on Veteran, but my partners are being really noobish and we keep dying.

Lemme know…

So to start up the new thread…

Buy Resonance of Fate instead of FFXIII, kthx. :rofl:

Tri ace games allllways worth havin, I hope this means they may make more games for sega… perhaps even… a PHANTASY STAR REBOOT

not pso

Man’s Phantasy Star

So nobody wants to play huh. Well fuck yall.

plays with the AI

Right. Lets start a new thread to get rid of the bs, then start the new thread by bringing up old bs.
Good job.

Anyways, I’ve been sick the past couple of days with a head cold so I’ve been playing God of War II again and Heavy Rain.
Good stuff.

I still have a pretty big backlog of games I have to go through though.
Demon Souls
Metal Gear Solid 4
LittleBig Planet
White Knight Chronicles
Valkryia Chronicles

Plus with FFXIII and Yakuza next week, Resonance of Fate, GoW III and Dragon Age Expansion.

Fuck me.

I never beat Grand Theft Auto IV. I think I 30% complete actually.

I just have no drive. Thats why I play fighting games. Wham. Bam.

posting on first page
i like the ps3 now

+1 for this. I’m already on it.