The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Hello everyone:

My name is Xianglong, QANBA’s marketing manager. I’m making this thread the official QANBA thread. We will use this thread to release any new informations and to answer any questions regarding to our QANBA fightsticks. Mean while, any advices or complains can also be bosted at this thread. You are more than welcome to give us your valuable opinions.

In order to meet gamers’ needs, we will constantly enhance and improve our fightsticks. Our goal is to provide extreme gaming enviroments to arcade gamers. Enjoy your game, Enjoy QANBA. We hope you like our fightsticks!

Qanba Dragon Arcade Joystick

Qanba Crystal Wired USB Joystick

Qanba Drone Arcade Joystick
June 2016

8 Directions
Easy to learn
Easy to combo

Qanba Guardian backpack
June 2016

Qanba Carbon Arcade Joystick
June 2016

“Defender” QanBa Fighting Stick backpack
April 2013

•Fits most modern joystick models up to 19 inches long
•Hemp-style durable fabric
•Detachable plush felt interior liner
•Dual snap-buckles for easy access
•Triple auxiliary zipper pockets
•Dual water bottle stretch pockets
•25 x 15 x 8 inches


•Products compatible systems compatible PS3 console, computers, automatic identification procedures
•Computer, no drivers, computer systems automatically identify connection, plug and play
•Use QANBA latest motherboard, support firmware upgrade
•PC/PS3 mode to support joystick bursts bursts need to meet the specific game
•Product added hidden closing box design, increasing the portable performance
•Re-define the the START key bit position, and function keys are embedded design to prevent the occurrence of misuse
•The back of the product design a removable fixture kit, more accurate operation
•State have folders without folder, the stick provides two operating angle selection. On the table at the same time there folder (placed in use) angle can adjust their own size

Q2PRO Product Description:
The QanBa Q2pro is a quality arcade fight stick that uses top of the range Sanwa parts and is compatible with PlayStation 3 & PC. This QanBa Q2PRO is also compatible with left hand play joystick or right hand play joystick. Function control panel below buttons , Hidden carrying handle ,Firmware upgrade .It is very easy to mod, should you wish to change the joystick/buttons etc.
Q2PRO standard edition:Straight layout
Q2PRO Professional edition :Vewlix layout

· Hidden carrying handle


· USB Port (support PS3 USB Headset ,PS3 USB Keyboard)

· compatible with left hand play joystick or right hand play joystick

QanBa Q4

QanBa Q4 eLivePro|Kindevu

QanBa Q4 eLivepro|RF

QanBa Q4 eLivepro|D44BAS


Q4 RAF ICE RED 3in1 coming

clear red case

clear red handle

sanwa clear buttons

Qanba stick Bag

Q4 RAF 3in1 (white)

Q4 RAF 3in1 ice blue 6 button( Artwork design: MINSK, Germany )


Q4 RAF ICE-BLUE FOR PC release 10th July 2011 in China

clear plexi

easy replace artwork

sanwa joystick and sanwa buttons(OBSF-30DB,OBSF-24DB)

Seimitsu joystick and PS-14-KN,OBSF-24

blue translucent case

easy change joystick or buttons

Sample 3D Artwork

Q4 RAF 3in1 will release 28th March 2011 in China



Q3 Wired Fightstick Q3 QanBa-Empire(For PS3/PC 2in1) Will Listing

Q3 Wired Fightstick Q3-XS(For XBOX360) Will Listing

Q3 Wired Fightstick Q3-XS(For XBOX360)

QanBa 3 PS3/PC 2in1 wireless joystick will listing

Sample Pics

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I know we can search but for an official page, you should post up some pix of the sticks… (for marketing purposes)…

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Hello Xianglong,

Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am MarkMan (Mark), senior moderator here on SRK and owner of SDTEKKEN.COM. I also work for Mad Catz.

I mentioned in the other Qanba thread that I may be in Hong Kong and Baoan/Shenzhen early next year for work. I’d love to see some more of your stuff! Keep up the good work, all the stuff seems to be positive thus far!

If you have any questions about SRK or would like to chat about arcade sticks/marketing, feel free to PM or email me.



If you ever end up in Beijing for work, by all means look me up.


Folkz. now ships international. Apply QANBASRK to redeem $20 discounts. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. continent.


Here comes the pictures:





Custom Artworks:

Dont forget the $20 off coupon at






Thanks Mark.


**If you posted some lag test results with a CRT or known lag free HDTV/Monitor, then we could see if your PCB is suitable for the demanding fighting game player.
The software to make those tests is even available here at SRK.

You should also post some reviews made by some of the better known forum members, if they have bought one.

It seems like your wood base is of acceptable quality.
Beside the PCB being lag free, I have the following questions.

1. Does the v2 Qanba have a wireless version?
2. Does the v2 Qanba 360 version have have the headphone port, like the other Qanba did?
3. Is the clear plastic top plexiglass, or some other plastic?
4. What exact Sanwa stick are you using in the v2 Qanba?
5. Can we get some high resolution pictures of the insides, to see how easy it is to replace parts/mod?

If you can answer these questions, people will have more confidence in your product.

Personally, without a product review, by a fairly well known forum member, I would not even consider purchasing any of your products. (Nothing personal)

Without these details, I believe few people, (outside China) will be willing to spend $130 US on your unknown brand product, especially when a TE from madcatz can be had for a few bucks more.

If you sold it at $75 you could likely get some more people to buy it just to try it out, as this is just about as cheap as the SE stick from madcatz.


I will be reviewing one for the good people of this community very soon.

Actually ShinJN and I will both take a stab at it. :wink:


Just FYI, $75 is an impossible price point for them really. You can’t even get them quite that cheap in China. After parts and shipping costs, they’d probably be losing money. It’s not fair to compare this to a SE; SEs don’t use arcade parts.


Q?1. Does the v2 Qanba have a wireless version??

A?the V3 QanBa will have PS3/PC 2in1 wireless version. V3 QanBa will listing next week

Q?2. Does the v2 Qanba 360 version have have the headphone port, like the other Qanba did?
A?the V2 QanBa 360 version have no the headphone port now .

Q?3. Is the clear plastic top plexiglass, or some other plastic?
**A?We have clear plastic top plexiglass ?but the model 360HSB and 360HSW is pure color acrylic panel . **

Q?4. What exact Sanwa stick are you using in the v2 Qanba?
**A?JLF-TP-8YT **

Q?5. Can we get some high resolution pictures of the insides, to see how easy it is to replace parts/mod?
**A?Yes?we will Publish some high resolution pictures of the insides **


hey i heard qanba was working on a PCB that can be used for BOTH the ps3/360…is this true? cuz if so…can i get in line? lol


Does anyone have a picture of the insides of this stick?


Will these ever be available in america? Or a estimated price for americans?


the new ones are pretty lovely … i really like them :slight_smile:


I really like the look of the new stick, especially since the buttons are now on the side of the stick. My only questions are a.)Will there be a 360 version? and b.)could it come in wired?


Unfortunately, the 360 version is still under development!

Here are some highlights about the PS3 Wireless stick.

  1. Rechargeable!! Just plug in the USB cable
  2. Wired with USB cable or Wireless with USB dongle.
  3. On/Off switch
  4. PS, Start, Select, Combo, Mode buttons on the sides.
  5. All Sanwa components


Qanba sticks are available at

Don’t forget to redeem the $20 discount: QANBASRK
Now ships international!!