The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Ordered my Qanba Q4 stick yesterday, anyone with experience in their shipping know how long it usually takes?


Interested in the Q4 but I have a few concerns

  1. Has the PCB lag been addressed?
  2. How heavy is it compared to MCZ’s VS stick?
  3. How flimsy is the door compartment? I’ve seen way too many reports on it breaking off.

  1. What lag? No, seriously, what lag? Any answer that includes reference to that thread isn’t an answer at all. I’ve certainly never had any issues with mine, nor have the many people I know who have one/ have used one.

  2. Not sure, as I’ve never held a VS, but it’s not a super-heavy stick. I put a bunch of wheel balancing weights in mine to bulk it up.

  3. In my experience the door comes off rather than breaks. You shouldn’t be using it, though, as those compartments are a great way to wreck your USB cable. Make a loose loop and use Velcro cable ties, instead.

  1. It’s over-exaggerated. The lag is pretty minimal and won’t have any serious negative effect to your gameplay. People have won Evo on laggier PCBs.

  2. The Q4RAF is exactly 12 pounds. I didn’t bother to check how it stacks up to the VS stick, but it’s a good weight. That, combined with its broad case and felt-fabric bottom, makes it extremely sturdy when you play with it on your lap. If your intention is to carry this thing around at tournaments, be sure to put it in a backpack or a bag.

  3. The latch itself is fairly weak, but typically I’ve seen people not really know how to properly store away the USB chord, which puts more pressure on the door, which causes it to break. As long as you know how to roll up the chord properly (following the bias), and learn how to press on the door BEFORE disengaging the latch, you should be okay.

Worst case scenario: There are door replacements you can buy.


Anyone knows how to activate the turbo feature of Q4 on a PC? When I press the turbo button nothing happens;


You got to press turbo [and hold] then the button you want turbo on


Ah, thanks alot mate

Edit: So how do I stop/reset it lol, now it just keeps going off


You repeat the process, sometimes several times as you cycle though all the turbo settings (rate of fire) for that button.
Unplugging the stick SHOULD wipe any turbo setting.


Hey, just wondering, my Qanba Q4RAF is kinda… broken. In terms of numpad notation, I can go from 6 to 9, and 6 to 3 just fine, but when I go from 2 to 3, or 8 to 9, it kind of just fails. Skips the 3 input, and the 9 input. This means I have issues doing QCFs on the left side, blocking low on the right side, and jumping to the right, which… really blows. I also have issues sometimes going for a raw input on 3, but I usually hit 2 before I hit 3 because of the wake the stick’s set up anyways. Once in a while, it works just fine.

Anyone know how I can fix this? The only steps I’ve taken so far is opening up the stick, and blowing up the stick part a bit.


Do you have a Multimeter and know how to use it?


I have one, but I’m not sure how to use it. :frowning:


There plenty of guides on You tube

You want to check continuity


Sorry for not responding sooner, haven’t had a lot of time to do this yet, but I’ll edit this post as soon as I get that done.
EDIT: What am I checking continuity between?


Well, I would check the Joystick harness and every suspect switch in your Joystick.

You should not get continuity between the COM and NO terminals of a microswitch unless you are pressing that switch.
On in the case of a joystick, that direction.


is this counterfeit?


Don’t think there was a continuity issue, I took the joystick part of it out and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and it worked again. Continuity seemed to be fine. I really appreciate the help, though! Thank you!


Hi, new to SRK and currently researching my first stick build.

I’m considering using the Qanba Q3 DIY shell however they seem scarce, is this the case??
The sites where I have found the Q3 shell for sale don’t seem very reputable… i.e.

None of them list a price. Being in Australia I am used to eating high shipping costs, however the offer I received via email was a ridiculous $180 USD.
This price didn’t itemize the shell from the shipping.

What is a reasonable price for the Q3 shell?
I think it is a beautiful stick case and would go well with my Q4. Sadly Canadian-Joysticks are out, and something tells me not to trust the sites listed above…

EDIT: Sorry I just noticed this thread is 3 years cold



Does the Turbo function work on Xbox 360?

I have a Q4, it works 100% on PS3 but nothing happens on 360.


Then it does not work.


How do you force a Q2 Pro White SA into PS3 mode to use on a ps4?