The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Hey, just wondering if anyone is having problems connecting their Q4RAF to USF4 on PS4? I’m sure I’ve read that there is support.

I can’t get it to work, the only response I get is the PS4 telling me ‘Cannot use wireless controllers for PS3 system’ when I initially plug it in. Does this only work for Madcatz or something?

I have the original black Q4.

Cheers in advance!


I think the Qanba mimics the Dual Shock 3, which is on the Sony’s Do not support list for the PS4.


ah damn. thanks for the reply. i suppose i’ll have to fork out for a ps4 stick now


Hello. i bought a few days ago this Qanba joystick on ebay
I knew that it was a cheap one but i couldn t imagine it was so bad. There is not any configuration application, the windows 7 drivers doesn’t work very well and the 6th button is recognised by the system as ‘axis Z’ and not as ‘button 6’, this makes the button miss some hit. Also it s impossible to fix the device with suckers to the desk and when i put hands wheight on it it always detach from the plane. The buttons generally do not react always to the pressure. The stick input is too much close to the center position, basically there is almost no deadzone and any minimal movement create input, it s impossible doing the ultra and super combos in USF4. Also i noticed that when i go with the stick to the left and then release it the game (USF4) record a right direction input when the joystick return to neutral position and this make almost impossible dashing to the left direction.
Is it a damaged copy or is this the true quality of this model? Do u think i should ask for a refund or there i s a better solution to the problem?


Looks like a piece of shit. Get a refund, get a better stick.


Almost all 360 sticks used on PC use the Axis Z and Y (I believe LB and RB). There’s no reason that would cause you to miss a hit though. The button is either on or off in game.

Did you slightly wet the suction cups before applying it to area?

Sounds like the actuator is large or you’re not familiar enough with joysticks. I don’t know what type of joystick is in that, but it’s likely a Sanwa clone.

A lot of joysticks that have a heavy spring feeling can do this particularly US/EU sticks, and you’re not supposed to flick the joystick in a direction. You’re supposed to continuously hold the joystick and move it only where you need to go and get used to going back to neutral instead of just letting it go.

I’m unsure if that’s even an actual Qanba stick. It may be a generic stick branded by Qanba or someone else attempting to use their name. Looking back at posts in the first 5 pages of this thread, I don’t see anyone reporting of that stick’s existence, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a bunch of those cheap sticks on ebay not branded by Qanba. To answer your question though, it’s probably the quality of the model alongside your experience with arcade sticks. Do you have any extended experience with arcade sticks?

If possible, I’d get a refund and order one of the Q1 cut sticks available on the Eightarc site I linked to below. It’s likely the best budget stick still available new on the retail market right now (Alongside the Mayflash v2 which isn’t as cheap) and you can replace the parts with Sanwa or Seimitsu later down the road if you desire.

There you go. Buy a super old budget stick no matter the company, and you’re getting what you pay for. If you would have purchased one of the newer Qanba or Eightarc sticks you would have been fine. Even the budget Qanba Q1cut that’s on sale on the Eightarc site for $60 is a quality budget stick with accessibility to upgrade parts later if desired.

Good luck. If you decide you’re gonna keep it and need help from there, please post photos of the interior and we can guide you to what your options are.


HI, do u think there is a way i can know if this is a real Qanba or not?

P.S. U said “Buy a super old budget stick no matter the company, and you’re getting what you pay for” this is not right, i paid for a ‘super old’ cheap one but for a mint and working one, no way a mint new object is already malfunctioning. But you made me doubt if it s a real Qanba…


“Almost all 360 sticks used on PC use the Axis Z and Y (I believe LB and RB). There’s no reason that would cause you to miss a hit though. The button is either on or off in game.” Then all the buttons are already damaged doesn t matter why. Anyway the model is exactly the ‘Qanba Q6H xbox’ and there is inside a little sheet that looks like a warrantee or a licence or something but everything is in chinese


AFAIK the only Qanba stick with suctions is Qanba N1-G

I too would suggest a refund and get a QANBA Q1 cut /Mayflash

if you do need a translation for that sheet of paper link an image i’d be more than happy to help =)


Old School Qanba has suction cups.
I usually tell people avoid sticks with suction cups


i live in italy and can’t buy that qanba q1 you linked there, unless i d pay a lot on shipping. The only economic qanba model you can find on Amazon or ebay italia is this one


Anyway, what’s the price of a good Sanwa stick?? What characteristics should a stick have to have a decent deadzone?


So, on the evo stream I saw some new products “announcement”. PS4/PS3/X360 sticks incoming?


Any ideas on where I can pick up a replacement usb cable for a q4raf? Arcadeshock want $20 to ship one to Australia which seems a bit silly.


It would be good if somebody could give me an opinion on this one


I’m seeing a lot of mixed opinions on the Qanba Q1. Most “what stick to buy” guides and similar suggestions say it’s not worth it at all, but a lot of user reviews say it’s great for a starter stick and that for a budget stick it’s one of the best ones.

I have no experience with sticks. Would a difference in quality be really noticeable for me? I have no issue upgrading parts later on.


If you have to get a Qanba stick I recommend the Q4 or one of the Eight Arc sticks.

There this arbitrary line I draw as a cut off for what sticks to buy and what to avoid, the Q2 is right at that line, so the Q1 didn’t make the cut.
To be fair there a number of Hori sticks that also didn’t make the cut ether.


Umm I manage to find a used Qanba Q1 for cheap (only $40) from a friend. I already bought Sanwa parts to put on it as for what I saw online is easy to mod, but somehow you are giving me buying remorse with that post lol.


You’ll be fine. The Q1 cut (just like the Madcatz SE) is a fine budget stick that you can upgrade later down the road.


Keep in mind we all have our own opinions and biases. Qanba Q1 cut isn’t terrible in a modding sense and you can upgrade to to authentic parts.
FrankCastleAZ will tell you I have a bias against Qanba.