The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Good to know. Cant wait to get the Q1 and the Sanwa parts.


What mods do you have to do, to make a Q1 xbox work with a PS3?


dual mod


On the Qanba Q4RAF what does the mode do ? When the light comes on.

Which is better for USF4 on or off ?


I believe it switches between DPad and LeftAnalogStick. Better left off.


Hello guys, does anyone use Qanba Q1 ? I would like to know does it work with PS4 as well ? (I have Q4RAF and that model does not work with ps4, I have tested it playing MKX got this message: ‘Cannot use wireless controllers for PS3 system’)
So I would like to get Qanba Q1, but only if it works with PS4. (I will play SFV with it, since SFV will support PS3 fightsticks)


A 5 second google search just mentioned that the Q1 is only for last-gen consoles only. If you want a PS4 stick, probably a good idea to get a Madcatz TE2 or Hori.


I’m pretty sure he’s talking about legacy support using the labzero driver
Is this ps3 stick an exception?


Yes, I ment legacy support using the labzero driver. My Qanba Q4RAF is an exception, it doesn’t work. That’s why I ask about Q1.


Why not mod your current stick rather than buying a new one?


cuz I live in Croatia, Europe, and we don’t have ppl who can do that :slight_smile:


I am modding my Q4RAF now with a PS360+ and Hori Fightpad4. If I can do I’m sure you can do it in Croatia, unless there is some kind of embargo I’m unaware of. a little solder and help from the tech talk forum.
I’m adding the hori pad because I want true ps4 compatibility not some 8 min timeout…


Well second reason I want to get Q1 is table clamps. Since I have 1 leg, I can’t play on lap, so this is a great solution for me. I’ll just switch my buttons and joystick from Q4RAF and voila :smile:


Hi maybe you guys can help me. I have been looking to convert my quanba q4 into a hitbox but I can’t find a remplacement panel and plexi anywhere :s. I know I have seen a few online (and even in this thread) but no resources what so ever. Any help is appreciated.


You have to assume at least one of these Q4 to hitbox mods were done by the stick owner themselves (or they knew someone to do it for them) and they didn’t go to some shop or modder online.
Also the folks who do this professionally do this on their own time as a side thing not a living.
The people I know who can do this kind of service is right now on Hiatus and does not want me to refer anyone to them at this time.


Maybe @souji5 can


So I’ve had my Qanba Q4 for about a month now and the stick has started to squeak when going right and down. I’ve opened it up and confirmed it’s the microswitches that are the issue. I opened them up and removed the red switches and wiped them down a bit and it seemed to fix it for like 5 minutes but then started squeaking again. Would I need to order replacements from a 3rd party vendor? Just sucks that the sticks brand new and has an issue already.


It’s a standard Sanwa JLF. Order 1x Sanwa TP-MA or just keep playing.

Spotted on Play-Asia:

Qanba Q4 Light Up

Says it’s PS4 compatible?


Didn’t want to create a new topic for a simple question, I hope someone can help me out.

Is it me or is it very hard to go directly into a diagonal input from neutral on a stick (Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT)?
For example, if I want to jump forward from neutral, more than often the input will show forward being pressed first, then up-forward(nearly instantly, but still).

Also, if I want to jump forward while walking backwards, should I go to neutral first or go straight to up-forward from holding back?



If you haven’t found a solution to this yet, I have recently switched to optical pcb for my jlf in my q4 and I couldn’t be happier. The responsiveness is incredible and pretty much eliminated the huge deadzone. I am using gamer finger pcb but toddles has one which is available as well.