The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Anyone seen this?

Says ps4 controller has to stay paired to the ps4, so I’m guessing that it’s the ps3 compatibility working rather than it being an actual ps4 stick


The listing on play-asia doesn’t even mention it requires a dualshock 4 to be connected at all time, it’d suck to buy it without knowing that.


But does it has a 8 minuet time out?


I have a q4raf that isn’t ps4 compatible (tested with mkx), it gives a message about wireless controller not supported.
Is there another way to make it work?firmware update?something?


There a number unlicensed sticks like many of the Qanba sticks that aren’t going to work with the Lab zero driver.
The one fix would be to replace the Q$ Raf PCB or have it dual-modded, yes I know that defeats the purpose of the Q4 Raf.

This is what happens with new console generations role in, all the old stuff becomes obsolete


What is the best button for this Arcade stick to use with shooters. I need very hard button with very good sensitive not rough


I would actually take this question to the Shump Forums

But I would use Seimitsu buttons, the are very responsive without the “light touch activation” Sanwa buttons has


I have to order a few to try out with SHMUPS, I did move to an LS-40 and liked it a lot!


Does the q2 pro have a version with sanwa parts? I thought it had qanbas own custum parts. Found one on amazon thats advertised as having sanwa parts for 100e witch would make it a decent deal for a new stick.


Hi guys,

I have a Qanba Glow the silver one and I noticed after a 2 months of use, that my stick has some dirt in it, it looks really disgusting has anyone that issue too?

And that dirt is inside the stick! Not outside of it. :frowning:


I would have thought that the shaft would be stainless steel, but it looks like rust, not dirt.


Get to the inside of the stick, take a flathead screwdriver and wedge in the groove of the shaft’s base, then rotate the balltop to take it off. Once the balltop is off, remove the shaft cover. With the shaft cover removed, examine the metal shaft. If its dirt, simply clean it. If it’s rust, buy a replacement shaft. To change the shaft, watch this video.

They’re using a different joystick than the one in the Q2, but the idea is the same. Pop off the E-Clip, slide the shaft out, place the new one back in, and put the clip back on.


Wtf? really guys the stick is only 2 months old but ok.

If it is rust I will sent it back to amazon… if dust I clean it and ok ^^


There shouldn’t be any rust unless you just happen to keep your stick in a high humidity environment.
Even then it take a while for the rust to form


Has anybody else been having issue with a q4 connecting to a pc for SFV? It was working fine two days ago but since then the LED’s haven’t come on and the inputs are not doing anything.

Edit: figured it out. Installed xinput and it’s working fine.


Next time state are you speaking of the PS4 or PC version.
I see you mention later in a edit you are referring to the PC version with the mention of Xinput.


guys can u tell me please where to buy qanba Q1 within European union ? thanks have tried and but no success ;(


Anyone try this replacement usb door for a Q4 RAF? The only review mentions you have to use a dremel to get it to fit but I was curious if that was always the case.


Are these guys gonna announce a ps4 stick anytime soon? I really want one of theirs


The amazon q4 door works perfectly on my q4raf qanba :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t know if this is still important as I don’t know if these sticks will work for the consoles running SFV (I play on PC), but if you use the Qanba in tournaments, there’s a very handy mod for preventing any accidental pressing of the start button. You just buy a $2 semitsu LS-55 joystick spring and put it inside the button :slight_smile: Problem solved. That button won’t be getting pressed unless you want it pressed. Everyone should do that mod.