The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Can anyone verify if the Q4RAF works with SFV on PC? While set in PS3 mode? Xbox360 mode?


Works on both Xbox 360 (native) and PS3 mode (x360ce needed for SF5). So PS3 mode requires x360ce. Hell, the Qanba (unlike the madcatz TE sticks) is so good that you can even use it in very old directinput games that work with analog sticks/buttons but won’t accept the “Dpad” input, because the games see the joystick as a hat switch; by pressing the mode button to change the joystick from dpad (hat switch) to analog (thumbstick), that fixes that. The old Callus emulator is an example of a need for that. A madcatz controller on PC won’t work in an old game like this unless you use joy2key.

BTW, people were complaining about the Qanba q4 not authenticating as a legacy with PS4’s with the ds4 connected. Not sure what the issue is, although there were Q4’s with a daughterboard PCB and later ones with a single pcb. The earlier Q4s I think had holes for controller# led’s visible with the stick disconnected, and later ones had a smooth covering with the leds shining through it, without cutouts. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Anyway, you can always use a brook adapter for using a Q4raf on a PS4. As long as the firmware is updated to avoid the 8 minute ps4 timeout, it should work fine.

They release ps4 firmwares when an official ps4 upgrade version comes out (3.20 compatible firmware will be released when that firmware goes live).


In SF5, you have to use X360CE if the Qanba is in PS3 mode, to force it to use xinput, or it won’t work. Xbox mode works natively in xinput so its best to just leave it in Xbox 360 mode if you’re going to play that game.


I’m looking to swap the stick out in my Q1, and am leaning toward an LS-32.

I want something with a bit of a shorter throw, and it seems like the LS-32 is the best option.

Does anyone know if it is a simple swap? Or would I need a different mounting plate or something? Also, would the standard wiring cable that it comes with work?

Any help would be appreciated. I did some searching and it looks like people have swapped them in, but I didn’t find and posts with details regarding the process.


simple swap


I found this pic on twitter of someone that put an LS-40 in their Q1, which mounts the same way as the 32. Looks like they didn’t use a mounting plate and screwed it directly into the top panel.


People have asked several times in this thread over the years, about what USB cable you can get as a replacement.
The exact name of the USB cable used, WITHOUT needing to solder, is called “USB A to 5 pin JST” Black x2, Green, White, Red (GND, GND, D+, D-, VCC).

While any standard cable of this type will work, the official replacement cable is long enough (+10 feet) and has a guard to keep the cable locked to the door housing. A standard JST cable will have to modded to be secured to something, or yanking it could pull it right off the JST housing. Even if you splice and solder a normal USB cable to the pins (if you were in a hurry and like soldering), you still need to secure the cord to something.

Arcadeshock and both have official replacements.


Just a question i have a Q4RAF but the down right dont work, i have take off the back of the stick , get off the white translucid plastic with the four corner and tested it on windows if the direction are good but when i get back the white plastic, i have still some directions not working well, anyone can help me ? so i can repair it by myself?


Sorry, your English isn’t that clear so I don’t understand what you mean.
What white translucent plastic?
There’s no translucid (translucent) white plastic on the Q4raf. I have one right in front of me.

Can you please tell me exactly what you are referring to, Khan?

Please try to describe and tell me the “Number” of the part.
Open this web to show me.


the number 8 on the first photo on the link of you site, sir. Sorry for my english :slight_smile:


i have get it off, tested it whtout it on the stick the direction goes well but the 7th element on the first photo is not fixed so i can’t do nothing …


So you are saying that the stick works perfectly if you press the “Micro-switches” with your fingers (black switches on #7), correct? But if you put #8 on, and use the joystick (#1 and shaft), it won’t activate the micro-switches?

Are you using the correct “restrictor gate”?
Do you have the 'internal" restrictor on the gate?

There are two parts of the #8 gate:

  1. the transparent plastic that connects to parts #2 and #7. This is the mount.
  2. the gate itself, which can be rotated and removed from the mount. It’s either octagon (transparent Yellow) or square (transparent clear).

Are you missing that part?


It’s kind of hard to understand the problem you’re having, but assuming you are working with the stock Q4RAF parts (Sanwa JLF), then it sounds like you just need to replace the microswitch assembly. While you’re at it, might want to considering cleaning and relubing the pivot.


Yes its that, So 8 is removed 4 directions of 7 are detected on controller configuration windows pannel. when 7 reput just one seem to work. I have the square white plastic not the one with the octagon ( trasparent yellow )


Ok so i resume my gate is the squre one so i can remove it but when it is locked on the 7 give me jsut one direction working, … Help will be appreciated.


I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone can help you.
We did the best we could.

  1. did you buy the Q4raf BRAND NEW or did you buy it USED?
  2. Was the Q4raf ever working perfectly? If yes, when did it stop working? What did you do to it?

It sounds like something is broken.

Can you take apart the joystick (like in the picture) and show us all the parts in a picture, together (clean, separated, clear image) so we can see if something is broken?


Qanba’s got a new website at


It looks like Canadian joysticks have the blank q3 case again. Atleast i can add it to cart on their mobile site. Are they reliable?




When are we going to get any new info on the Qanba Crystal stick that was advertised during Evo? The new website (or old) website makes no mention of it.


There is no time frame yet, but we will post an announcement as soon as we have an estimated date. thanks!