The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


@llx8000 hi, you didn’t write anything in your reply!


there is no time frame yet, but we will post an announcement as soon as we have an estimated date. thanks!


there is no time frame yet, but we will post an announcement as soon as we have an estimated date. thanks!


Qanba has come out with the Qanba Drone and it is compatible with the PS4, PS3, PC.


There is no time frame yet, but we will post an announcement as soon as we have an estimated date. thanks!


I keep reading that the Qanba Drone either needs a 5 pin female to female piece to accept a Sanwa JLF to others saying you need to solder the 5 pin connector into the PCB. I am ready to buy it at this moment, but I don’t like the confusion. I mean I have had Qanba sticks before and the parts are great, but once you go to all silent lever and buttons you don’t want to go back. Can anyone give me a straight answer on this?


A 5 pin connector being soldered onto the PCB works.


I just soldered mine. I had a spare 5-pin harness with the other end being exposed wire. Using the text guide on the PCB itself, black is ground, yellow is left, green is right, red is down and orange is up.


here is a picture of the solder onto the PCB for reference


Hey that’s my pic! Not the best solder and it’s better to do it on the other side but it still works. Some fitting problems were present but the wires were strong enough so I bent em.


I understand the basics of solder and have done it a time or two, but that looks really small and easy to mess up. I checked the modders topic and looks super outdated. Can anyone direct me to a resource or someone I could contact to do that mod for me and send me the arcade stick?


Where do you live? There’s a thread called “Need a modder?”


I am in Georgia, USA. I found a modders topic somewhere on the forums that looked super outdated. Not long after I made the post I noticed the one on top of this section of the forums and felt silly, but upon looking through it I was a bit confused by it. I don’t mind not being able to physically see the person that does the mod, but everyone posts like they NEED someone in their state to do a mod.


for GA I recommend @Gummo or @DaRabidDuckie via mail order


I have a Qanba Q1 Can i put IL magnetic stick?


NO, it will not physically fit.


So, I just bought a Qanba Q4 RAF Ice Blue because I read that SFV, MKX, and KOF14 all support legacy controllers. But now I’m reading that they don’t support this specific legacy controller? Or some Q4 RAFs work, some don’t. Is this true?

Edit: Just tried it with Street Fighter V. Totally works :slight_smile:


I’ve been using my Qanba Fusion Ivory for SFV on the PS4 and about three times now, it has plain stopped working. Each time this has happened, I have to go back to menu and reconnect it as a legacy controller. Pretty obvious reasons why this sucks; switching to a pad in the middle of a match is the worse lol.

Wondering if anyone else had this issue? Think it’s an issue with the cable or something else?
I’m considering buying a replacement cable from arcadeshock but wouldn’t mind some insight before I make the purchase.


Will the Q4/fusion form factor ever be used again? Really wanted to pick one up for its shell but looks like nobody is selling them anymore :frowning:


I have a Qanba Q2 Pro with the LED lights, and i think dust has gotten in under one of my buttons. All the info i can find for disassembly in order to clean/change buttons is for buttons that dont have the LED involved. anyone able to link me to somewhere that would help me clean the buttons? It is my first fight stick and now i am sitting here with it wide open and not sure what to do :frowning: